Technology & Engineering

The American Trucking Associations’ Leading Technical Committee on Trucking Equipment, Technology and Engineering.


To effectively unite the North American trucking industry technical stakeholder-society in developing policy, guiding principles, and consensus toward federal actions that affect trucking equipment, maintenance, inspection enforcement, communications, data operations, and safety and efficiency technologies.    

On Board Vehicle Technologies

​ATA supports the use of various types of technologies that can further improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of commercial vehicles. Speed Governors, Electronic Data Recorders, Forward Collision Warning devices, and Lane Departing Systems are technologies that the trucking industry is supportive of as long as various conditions are met.​

Stability Control Systems

​ATA supports the use of such equipment as long as the implementation standards provide flexibility to allow fleets to adopt different types of systems that achieve the same goals. Federal government agencies have been examining the performance of these systems for several years in conjunction with industry.​

Truck and Trailer Crashworthiness Equipment

​ATA supports the development of technologies to improve cab structural strength, which will achieve significant benefits in reducing sever injuries among truck occupants. The priority in crashes is the retention of the occupant in the cab along with maintaining sufficient survival space. For the trailer, rear and side under-ride guard steel assemblies are intended to provide protection to cars that run into trailers.​

Connected Vehicle Research

​ATA is closely following U.S. government research with the automotive industry demonstrating that inter-vehicle communications could improve highway and vehicle safety. ATA is working to ensure that the objectives of the research determine if vehicle-to-vehicle communication safety applications meet a safety need, are technologically and economically feasible, and are effective.​