40Below is a group within the American Trucking Associations' Moving & Storage Conference designed to bring together the next generation of industry professionals. Members of 40Below network with their peers across the industry and learn about issues specifically facing moving and storage from ATA subject matter experts and industry mentors.

Members of 40Below

  • Joshua Swyers (Chair), Unigroup
  • Rebekah Hill (Vice Chair), Cartwright International Van Lines
  • Kendra Carlmark (Membership Officer), JK Moving Services
  • Brandon Kress (Directory Officer), Palmer Moving Services
  • Dana Riley (Social Media Officer), Maher Bros Transfer & Storage
  • Jaymie Shook (Program Officer), Wheaton World Wide Moving
  • Aaron Caussey, Cars Arrive Network
  • Stephanie De La Hoz, Move for Hunger
  • Leah Ellison, Walkboard Express
  • JP Eschbacher, Suddath Relocation Services
  • Cris Gulker, True North Companies
  • Mollie Imlach, Imlach Group
  • Brandon Laam, Paul Hanson Partners
  • Hannah Lucas, Santa Rosa Moving
  • Casey Myers, Champion Risk and Insurance Services
  • Adam Shanahan, True North Companies
  • Nicole Stejskal, CarsArrive Auto Relocation 
  • Jalie Swanson, Reindeer Auto Relocation 
  • Shawn Watson, Bekins Moving Solutions
  • Valerie Westdahl, Alison's Relocation
  • Joe Zanca, On Demand Storage

Benefits of being involved in 40Below

Besides the networking aspect and building relationships with others in the industry, 40Below provides a platform to ensure the next generation of moving and storage industry leaders is well-rounded, inquisitive, well-trained and knowledgeable about different issue-areas facing the industry. Through 40Below, rising industry professionals will be able to find mentors to guide them and encourage them through their professional journey and the strong network they develop with their peers will encourage these aspiring individuals to grow and learn from each other. 

The goals of 40Below include:

  • Networking and socialization: Meet and get to know colleagues and industry peers. Collaborate on similar challenges and issues and brainstorm ways to solve them.
  • Education: Learn about industry challenges and the ways in which the industry is trying to resolve them through webinars and lectures by subject matter experts and other industry leaders.
  • Industry innovation: Brainstorm innovative solutions to current industry challenges by bringing the advantages and perspectives of new generations into the conversation. 


40Below members are encouraged to attend ATA's Moving & Storage Conference National Event. They are also encouraged to participate in all networking events including social events, 40Below specific webinars and ATA MSC webinars. 40Below members are also encouraged to apply for ATA's Leadership Program, which will kick-off in March 2022. 

Age requirements

As the group name suggests, this group is specifically for younger members of the Moving and Storage industry. Members may join up until the age of 40, but may not participate in group events after the age of 42.