Membership FAQs

Get Answers to frequently asked questions about the American Trucking Associations (ATA) membership.  

Why should my company join the American Trucking Associations?

Membership is strength. Joining the American Trucking Associations connects you to a strong and very powerful trucking community. Members of ATA represent different regions throughout the United States and sectors of the industry, from LTL to truckload, agriculture and livestock to auto haulers, and from large motor carriers to small mom-and-pop operations. By joining, your company helps protect and shape policy and collectively influence the future of the trucking industry.

Membership can help your employees. Company membership means that employees will have access to ATA’s knowledgeable staff and resources that provide insight into emerging issues and industry activities. The ATA subject matter experts help members in areas such as, but not limited to: labor and regulatory, environmental and energy, safety, technology and engineering, highway, supply chain security, controlled substances, and driver health issues. Only member company employees gain this invaluable access to the advice, support, and guidance to navigate these and other issues that affect your company.

Membership can help your company grow. Membership grants access to research and data to help drive future decisions.  Membership provides an effective way to pursue business opportunities, partnerships and shared interests. It provides a platform for businesses, owners and industry partners together.

Join today and be recognized as a proud member of an association that champions growth, safety and innovation and is the backbone of America

Membership provides benefits. ATA provides the best resources and networking for members in the trucking industry.  More members mean a more unified industry working together to help inform public perceptions and shape policy and regulations that impact our businesses. As a member you also get access to:

Trucking Intelligence

  • News and updates on key issues delivered directly to you.
  • Top industry insights on research hot topics like autonomous vehicle technology, economic analyses, environmental issues, safety innovations, operational costs of trucking, emerging technologies, truck parking, etc.
  • Member-only webinars featuring content from industry experts.
  • Insights into emerging issues and industry affairs.

Industry Collaboration

  • Networking, business development and introductions to potential corporate partners, allies and business opportunities.
  • In-person and virtual events focused on the needs of our diverse interests in the trucking industry.
  • Participation in an inclusive process and community of leaders to help shape the trucking industry’s position.
  • Participation in ATA’s committees, member-only, member-led forums, and Calls on Washington.

Quantifiable Savings

  • Member-only savings on ATA products, the ATA Affinity program and general membership programs and services.
  • Webinars included in membership.
  • Decreased expenditures as a result of ATA regulatory efficiencies and expertise in:
    • state regulations
    • trucking policy
    • litigation to advance and protect the interests of the motor carrier industry in federal and state courts around our nation, and
    • industry and public affairs

What are the Membership types?

Companies can join ATA as a For-Hire, Private Carrier, Shipper, Allied, Associate, Dealership and Moving and Storage Conference Member. If you wish to join as an associate or dealership member, please contact the ATA department to confirm eligibility and/or for an application.  To learn more visit and explore our membership options. Still have questions or want to confirm membership eligibility? Call the membership team at 888.333.1759 or email

My company is interested in membership. Are there requirements to become a member?

ATA provides various membership options for companies in the trucking industry. If you are a U.S. motor carrier, with at least one truck, and are a member of a state trucking association, the ATA invites you to join as a for-hire or a private carrier.

If your company markets products and services to motor carrier and similar businesses, ATA invites you to join as an Allied member.

If your company produces, manufactures, and or supplies non-commercial transportation products, does not have a fleet, does not have an industry specific supplier and does not have a motor carrier division(s) within its corporate structure, ATA invites you to join as a Shipper member.

Is your company a licensed, independent interstate mover, van line agent, or local intrastate mover based in the United States? ATA invites you to join our Moving and Storage Conference membership.

Is your company a non-profit organization, educational/vocational training entity or government agency? ATA invites you to join as an Associate member.

If your company sells trucks or trailers to the trucking industry, ATA invites you to join as a Dealership.

If your company does not fit into any of the above categories, contact the membership team to discuss other membership options for your company. You can contact us at 888.333.1759 or email

ATA membership dues are based on the company’s gross revenues with the exception of the moving and storage conference members (based on the number of locations) and private carriers (based truck count).

How are membership dues determined?

Membership dues are calculated based on your membership type.

Motor Carrier members’ dues for the year will be based on U.S. gross trucking revenue excluding fuel surcharges from the current year ending September 30th.  For example if it were September 2019, dues would be based on the time frame of October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019. Here’s the Motor Carrier Dues Calculator

Private Carrier members’ dues are based on current fleet size (Class 7 & 8 Trucks), including owned and leased vehicles. Here’s the dues schedule.

Allied members’ dues are based on revenue from US Commercial trucking related activities from the current year ending September 30th.  For example if it were September 2019, dues would be based on the time frame of October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2019. Here’s the dues schedule.

Shipper members’ dues are based on U.S. gross revenue from the current year ending September 30th. Here’s the dues schedule.

Moving and Storage Conference members pay a flat fee of $1,030 for headquarters and $257.50 for each additional location.

Associate members’ (non-profit organizations, educational/vocational training entities and government agencies) dues are based on a flat rate.

Dealer members’ dues are based on the overall number of dealerships owned.

The revenue committee and the board of directors are the governing bodies who annually review membership pricing and policy changes.

My company was once an ATA member, how do I reinstate my company’s membership?

Former members can reapply for membership by submitting an application to Moving and Storage Conference members are subject to Moving and Storage Conference board approval.

How do I pay my dues?

Membership dues can be tendered to ATA either by ACH or wire transfer.

Other payment options include credit card and check payment.

Account Name: American Trucking Associations, Inc.

ACH Instructions to American Trucking Associations:

Wells Fargo ACH Routing Number: 121000248

Checking Acct# 4082320599

Wire Instructions to American Trucking Associations:

Wells Fargo Wire routing number: 121000248

Checking Acct# 4082320599

Send remit information via email to or fax 703.838.1851 including the following details:

  • Company name
  • Customer ID
  • Amount paid
  • Date paid
  • Invoice number(s)
  • Your contact information regarding this payment

If check is the preferred option, remit payment by mail. To pay by check, send payment to:

Remittance Address:
American Trucking Associations -
P.O. Box 201068
Dallas, TX 75320-1068

Overnight Remittance Address:
Lockbox 201068
American Trucking Associations - ATA
2975 Regent Blvd, Suite 100
Irving, TX 75063

For credit card payments you can pay online or contact the ATA finance department at 703.838.1722.

When can I expect my company member benefits to begin?

Member benefits will begin once membership has been activated. Activation of memberships will occur once initial payment has been tendered and processed at ATA headquarters.

All employees of member companies have access to ATA benefits via their online account. Feel free to reach out to your ATA membership team if you have questions regarding your member benefits or how to access your account.   For new members, your ATA Client Relations Manager will guide you through your membership journey, and will advise you when your membership benefit resources begin.

How do I create an account or access my online account?

Watch the video below for a tutorial on accessing your online account. If you need further help, please contact the membership team at 888.333.1759 or email

If you wish to access your member benefits online, simply sign in to your personal ATA account, or if you don’t have a personal account you can create one, and be sure to select your member company from the list.  After signing in, discounts will be applied to ATA webinars, products and conferences. To see a list of membership benefits click here.

Will I receive a membership certificate?  Member Packet? How soon will I receive this information?

Membership certificates are processed once a month.  Your membership certificate will be mailed to your organization once your membership dues are current.  Other membership or ATA related information may be mailed at different times during your membership term. 

Our company has yet to receive a membership certificate, where do I direct certificate requests? 

Call the membership team at 888.333.1759 or email

Are there any special interest groups company staff can join?

The ATA provides a variety of opportunities for employees of company members to fulfill educational, subject matter expert (SME) and leadership roles, the ATA Conferences and ATA Councils.

ATA Conferences provide the perfect platform for learning, networking, and forging life-long friendships. The ATA conferences or constituency groups provide niche industries within trucking the resources, education, ideas and advocacy to enhance power and performance. Members of our conferences gain access to peers in the industry as well as the talented ATA staff.  The conferences reflect the diverse interests and backgrounds of ATA’s membership and contribute to the direction of ATA's leadership, policy development and formulation, advocacy, and program activities. Participation is open and included in a full ATA membership. Conferences include Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference, Automobile Carriers Conference, Government Freight Conference, Intermodal Motor Carriers Conference, Moving and Storage Conference. If interested in joining, contact the ATA membership department at

ATA Councils offer individuals at a company, the opportunity to network and expand their knowledge from their peers in the function areas of finance, safety, technology and transportation. The Councils consist of individual members from companies interested in resources to help them do their jobs better and stay abreast of changes affecting our industry and their roles.  To achieve this, each Council offers a variety of webinars on pressing topics, a governance structure representing members within the community, access to best practices, and focused industry peer leadership. Whether your position is leading your company, staying abreast of financial or administrative topics, safety policies, technology or transportation needs, our four councils can provide time saving resources. Councils include National Accounting & Finance Council, Safety Management Council, Technology & Maintenance Council, Transportation Security Council, and Women in Motion Council.

How do I register for an ATA webinar?

Watch the video below for a short tutorial on registering for ATA webinars. If you need further help, please contact the membership team at (888)-333-1759 or email

What is ATA’s renewal process?

ATA’s renewal process is as follows:

  • All renewal notices will be mailed and/or emailed to members in the month of November.
  • Should you cancel before your one-year term has expired, your payment is non-refundable.
  • Cancellations can be made any time by contacting membership at in writing.
  • Membership will renew automatically yearly until you cancel your membership in writing, no later than 30 days prior to your annual renewal, by contacting the membership department.
  • Renewal rates are subject to change. Changes are generally made by the ATA Revenue Committee and approved by the ATA Board of Directors.
  • Your company will be notified of rate changes.

I noticed an optional fee, Litigation Center fee, on my renewal notice, what is this?  Am I obligated to pay it?

The ATA Litigation Center Fee (the Center) represents 2% of your total membership dues and will be included in the membership renewal invoice. However, this fee is optional. To learn more about the Litigation Center Fee, watch the video below.

What is ATA’s cancellation policy?

Any ATA member who wishes to cancel their membership should email Cancellations can be made any time by contacting Membership in writing. Members who wish to cancel their membership after tendering payment can do so; however, payments are non-refundable even if cancellation occurs before the one-year term has expired.  See ‘What is your Refund Policy’.

What is your Membership Refund Policy?

In order to receive a refund, the payment in question must have been processed by the member’s bank or Credit Card Company. ATA limits refunds to verify duplicate billing and will submit refund based on how payment was received. (Credit card payments will be credited to that same credit card.  Check payments will be credited by ATA in the form of a check, once payment has cleared member’s bank.)

Credit Card: In the event that your credit card company requests a credit for charges, we will comply only to the extent that the request meets the requirements of the refund policy. (See above).

Recurring Payments: If you choose a recurring payments option to automatically renew your membership, you are responsible for canceling it prior to annual recurrence to avoid charges. Once charged, your membership will not be refunded. Should you cancel before your one-year term has expired, your payment is non-refundable.

Are our company dues tax deductible?

Except for any portion allocated to lobbying expense, dues payments are normally deductible as a business expense. ATA estimates that 14% of dues are attributable to lobbying expense and are therefore not deductible.

How do I access my membership account and make updates?

Watch the video below to learn how to access your online account. If you need further help, please contact the membership team at (888)-333-1759 or email

Whom do I contact regarding general membership questions? 

Feel free to reach out to the membership team for general membership inquiries at 888.333.1759 or email

If an employee leaves our company, who do we contact to update our company account?

Organization memberships include the ability for your company to add and replace staff, to the extent allowed by your membership purchase. Your company’s primary point of contact should email the ATA to inform of any staff changes. If the primary point of contact has left, we ask the billing point of contact, HR staff or president to inform the ATA of changes or replacement.


If the answers to your question isn't hear, please contact email us at or call us at  888.333.1759.