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Through the Workforce Heroes Program, ATA is committed to providing recruitment and training for honorable, dedicated and passionate men and women to join our industry.

Program Goal

With the ongoing shortage of drivers and qualified diesel technicians, ATA understands the impact this has on the industry. By working with local, state and federal leaders to find real solutions to these shortages, ATA is committed to providing a middle class standard of living to tens of thousands of Americans. Among these individuals, ATA recognizes those who have honorably served in the United States armed services who deserve the opportunity to transition into second careers worthy of their service and sacrifice. That is why, through the Workforce Heroes Program, in finding ways to identify individuals of all variations of age, race and educational background who will work towards building the industry’s future, this recruitment and training includes those of veterans into the Trucking Industry.

Count of individuals who have seen our Camo truck this year!


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Guidelines for requesting a Workforce Heroes event:

If the request is coming from within the trucking industry, the company must be an ATA member. We also accept requests from schools, community groups, motorcycle and RV clubs, and other organizations.

Please submit your event request form at least 5 weeks prior to the date of the event.

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