General officers of ATA are elected by the Board of Directors at its meeting during the annual ATA Management Conference & Exhibition each Fall. A Slate of General Officers, Vice Presidents at Large Emeritus, and Vice Presidents at Large are offered by the ATA Nominating Committee. The General Officers include the positions of:

The General Officers include the positions of:

Board of Directors 

The management of the overall policy and direction of ATA is vested in its Board of Directors. The Board is made up of the Chairman of the Board, First Vice Chairman, Second Vice Chairman, Vice Chairmen (2), Treasurer, Secretary, Past Chairmen of the Board, Vice Presidents at Large (no more than 60), Vice Presidents at Large Emeritus, affiliated State Vice Presidents (50), affiliated Conference Vice Presidents (6), an Allied representative, a Trucking Association Executives Council representative, and the chairmen of the ATA Litigation Center, American Transportation Research Institute, ATA Truck PAC,Carrier Policy Committees (11), Small Carrier Committee, Audit Committee, and Nominating Committee.

All members of the Board of Directors must be members of a state association affiliated with ATA and members in good standing of ATA, with the exception of Past Chairmen.