Fleet CyWatch

About Us

Fleet CyWatch is an ATA Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) and Transportation Security Council (TSC) supported program that assists fleet members in reporting information about trucking related internet crimes and cyber-attacks, and shares information to fleets about cyber threats that may impact their operations. Fleet CyWatch coordinates with private and federal efforts to provide motor carriers with information and recommendations in the areas of cybersecurity awareness, prevention, and mitigation methods. The Program connects industry, federal enforcement, and associations and trade groups specialized in cybersecurity to improve U.S. road transport safety. 

How does it work?

As a free member benefit to motor carriers belonging to ATA or its Councils, using Fleet CyWatch is recommended for reporting all types of internet crimes related to disrupting fleet operations. Reports are communicated with appropriate federal cyber-authorities to be handled by jurisdiction, type of cybercrime, and commercial/public impact. After protecting fleet identity, reports are communicated with intelligence sharing and analysis agencies and the fleet community registered to Fleet CyWatch. Responding alerts through Fleet CyWatch will address cybersecurity training and education, cyber-threat trends and patterns, and best practices development. Relative and developing standards will also be communicated.

Trucking Security Cornerstone

The Fleet CyWatch program improves public awareness of industry and government efforts to prevent potential terrorist acts using commercial vehicles as instruments by way of cyber-attack. Effective implementation of the Program is creating a dynamic, vibrant program with members who are engaged in security issues most important to the trucking industry.

Fleet CyWatch Will

  • Facilitate information sharing among members regarding cyber-threats, countermeasures and best practices
  • Communicate internet crime complaints to appropriate authorities
  • Coordinate with ATA’s TMC Cybersecurity Issues Task Force – Fleet CyWatch Steering Committee – and included cybersecurity organizations
  • Utilize ATA’s TSC membership and fleet incident notification awareness
  • Provide cybersecurity training and education
  • Survey and benchmark trucking cybersecurity programs
  • Enhance the image of trucking advanced technology through stakeholder, government, and general public connections


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