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Expand your network through a federation of other trucking groups, industry-related conferences, and ATA’s 50 affiliated state trucking associations. ATA represents more than 37,000 members including every type of motor carrier in the United States. 

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The American Trucking Associations (ATA) is the largest and most comprehensive national trade association for the trucking industry. We leverage the strength and size of our membership, which includes a robust federation of state associations, affiliated conferences, and individual members in order to develop, advocate, and advance innovative research-based policies that promote highway safety, security, environmental sustainability, and profitability.

Since our inception in 1933, we have been passionate and resolute in our efforts to:

  • Develop and advance the industry’s legislative and regulatory policies
  • Advise business leaders on the core issues affecting the industry
  • Educate the public on the vital role of the industry
  • Provide opportunities for members to gain the necessary connections, visibility, credibility, data, and resources to make their businesses thrive
"It doesn’t matter if you are a one truck outfit or a 1,000 truck outfit — everybody deserves a voice. With so many agencies regulating trucking, it’s important to have someone in our corner. ATA really works for its members and the entire industry."
Michael Wilson, President and Owner, Whitewood Transportation


As the recognized leader in transportation advocacy, ATA diligently educates and guides policymakers about the essential role that trucking plays in the economy. Additionally, we promote responsible policies to improve highway safety and fight to advance the labor and infrastructure goals of our industry. We have developed and nurtured relationships with key White House staff, lawmakers, and regulators within the federal government in order to fight unfair taxes, eliminate burdensome regulations, and create a healthy and prosperous environment for our member companies.

Our relentless pursuit of policies in favor of the trucking industry has proven successful, and we have seen steady activity and victories that are aligned with the industry’s best interests and that have made a positive impact on our members’ bottom lines and driver safety.

“We are proud to represent our 37,000 member companies’ interests in Washington, DC and to serve as the voice of the trucking industry.”

It is our job to ensure that politicians and regulators understand our members’ businesses and enact laws and policies that support the future of our industry.


ATA is here to provide our members with the answers, advice, and tools they need to grow and support their trucking businesses. Our staff is comprised of subject matter experts that are available to advise and support each employee within our member companies.

Member companies depend on ATA to provide expertise in the following, but not limited to, key areas:

  • Driver recruitment and retention
  • Economic analysis and industry research studies
  • Engineering, equipment, and maintenance
  • Environmental regulations
  • Fuel economy and energy issues
  • Government traffic
  • Hazardous material transport issues
  • Hours-of-service issues
  • Infrastructure issues
  • International trade
  • Labor standards and regulations
  • Safety standards and regulation
  • Security, claims, and loss prevention
  • Taxes and finance (national and state)
  • Tort Reform
“American Trucking Associations represents us in Washington D.C. If you are an intrastate carrier or an interstate carrier, there are things going on in Washington D.C. that will impact you regardless of where you are located. ATA is all about taking care of every single carrier without bias. I think we need to support what they are doing and be a valuable voice in that effort.”
Brenda Neville, President, Iowa Motor Truck Associations


ATA hosts a variety of industry-leading conferences and meetings that brings members together to network among peers, engage in the exchange of information, hear advocacy updates, and influence the direction of the trucking industry and the Association’s policies. The industry landscape is always changing; therefore, it’s imperative to connect with other like-minded business owners and professionals who have vast industry knowledge. Furthermore, our events have been recognized for their cutting-edge programming, dynamic speakers, meaningful discussions, and educational seminars.


ATA members have many opportunities to confront issues, develop solutions, and see results. Our members set ATA’s position on key industry issues, and through their direction and involvement, ATA makes a difference in Washington, at the state level and in the courtrooms. Our policy committees include:

  • Chairman’s Membership Committee
  • Communications and Image Committee
  • Environmental and Energy Committee
  • Hazardous Materials Committee
  • Highway Committee
  • Independent Contractors Committee
  • Insurance Task Force
  • Labor and Regulatory Committee
  • Safety Committee
  • Small Carrier Committee
  • Supply Chain Security & Loss Prevention Committee
  • Tax Committee
  • Technology and Engineering Committee


Each year, we hold two major meetings for business leaders in the trucking industry, The Management Conference & Exhibition and the Mid-Year Management Session. Additionally, we host a variety of other meetings and events for our members ranging in topics from financial, legal, and safety, to technology, security, maintenance, and human resources, to trucking and the American economy. ATA members enjoy discounted rates for both registration fees and exhibit space.

"There’s a lot of information being shared at [ATA] policy meetings ... being able to talk with others is just phenomenal. We’ll find things as business managers and owners that there’s no way we would have had access to any other way except at a conference through membership of ATA."
Jim Burg, President & CEO, James Burg Trucking
Membership Trucker


ATA Councils bring together individual hands-on practitioners in key areas of trucking to discuss and improve upon inefficiencies in the industry. Through our Councils, members have access to industry-wide knowledge, recommended practices, and the latest in technical innovation to help improve their company’s efficiency and bottom-line performance. ATA members receive a discounted rate on Council membership. Our four Councils include:


ATA conferences are specialized groups that represent distinct areas of the trucking industry that have their own unique legislative and regulatory needs. Conference members gather to discuss their unique challenges and how ATA can best advocate on their behalf. Conference membership is included with ATA membership.


ATA works to advance the trucking industry through education, image and outreach, and information.


Our educational programming includes workshops and webinars that examine trucking industry trends, issues, and interests. We host webinars that cover topics most pertinent to the industry. Our members receive full access to all current and past educational programming and materials.


In order to provide reliable and statistically-relevant benchmarking information for our members, we conduct a variety of carrier surveys each year around loads, tonnage, miles, and revenue, as well as a host of equipment metrics. We aggregate the data by size and type of fleet, and we distribute the data via indexes to our members monthly.


We provide a wealth of newsletters, publications, and resources to keep members up-to-speed on all matters related to the trucking industry; these include:

  • Email Newsletters – We have a variety of daily and weekly email updates that range in topics from the latest legislative activities and news from leading industry suppliers, to economic updates and state laws, to industry legal proceedings and much more.
  • Business Solutions Resource – ATA offers products such as recommended practices for safety, equipment and maintenance, security, driver recruitment and retention, in-depth economic and statistical reports, subscriptions, safety awards and more. Members receive discounts on products and the proceeds support the trucking industry.
  • Fleet CyWatch Resource– ATA members receive access to this ATA supported program that identifies emerging cyber threats and helps guard against malicious action of cyber criminals. It assists fleet members in reporting information about trucking-related crimes and cyber-attacks, and shares information to fleets about cyber threats that may impact their operations.
  • Publications – Transport Topics is ATA’s flagship publication for the transportation industry that delivers weekly updates covering major issues, industry events, and new developments on all aspects related to the business of trucking. ATA members receive two complimentary subscriptions to Transport Topics.
"ATA membership is tremendously valuable, particularly to small and medium-sized companies. First, we gain access to subject matter experts in the form of ATA staff members. Secondly, we form a network of peers and people that we can relate to who face many of the same problems and challenges throughout the year. And then lastly to help shape and influence the outcome of legislative and regulatory efforts."
Andrew Boyle, Co-President and Chief Financial Officer, Boyle Transportation

Image and Outreach

As the voice of the trucking industry, we continually facilitate valuable national image campaigns and outreach opportunities to educate the motoring public on the safety, professionalism, and essentiality of the industry – leading to a more positive image of the trucking industry overall.

  • Program Ambassadors – ATA’s Share the Road and America’s Road Team are programs designed to put the image of a friendly, professional ambassador behind the wheel of the nation’s commercial vehicles. ATA member companies are eligible to serve the industry in these programs. We select ambassadors with millions of accident-free miles and decades of service to represent the industry as safe driving advocates in front of young drivers and members of the general motoring public.
  • National Competitions and Awards – We develop and promote driving and skills training through national competitions and awards, and we raise safety awareness through joint programs with the U.S. Department of Transportation.
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Join us today and receive access to our comprehensive suite of member benefits. We are counting on business leaders like you to join us and serve as champions and warriors for our industry, and we hope you will take part in building our federation’s future.