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Trucks move roughly 72.5% of the nation's freight by weight. That is just one of many statistics calculated and tracked by American Trucking Associations' professional staff that you can learn about here.

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$791.7 billion in gross freight revenues (primary shipments only) from trucking, representing 80.4% of the nation’s freight bill in 2019.


11.84 billion tons of freight (primary shipments only) transported by trucks in 2019, representing 72.5% of total domestic tonnage shipped.


  • $45.7 billion paid by commercial trucks in federal and state highway-user taxes in 2018.
  • Commercial trucks make up 13.7% of all registered vehicles, and paid $18 billion in federal highway-user taxes and $27.7 billion in state highway-user taxes, in 2018.
  • 24.4¢ in federal fuel tax paid for each gallon of diesel fuel as of January, 2020.
  • 18.4¢ in federal fuel tax paid for each gallon of gasoline as of January, 2020.
  • 28.2¢ paid on average in state fuel tax for each gallon of diesel fuel as of 2020.
  • 26.7¢ paid on average in state fuel tax for each gallon of gasoline as of 2020.

Number of Trucks:

  • 36.9 million trucks registered and used for business purposes (excluding government and farm) in 2018, representing 24.2% of all trucks registered.
  • 3.91 million Class 8 trucks (including tractors and straight trucks) in operation in 2019, up 2.6% from 2018.


  • 304.9 billion miles traveled by all registered trucks in 2018
  • 184.2 billion miles traveled by combination trucks in 2018

Number of Companies:

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, as of April 2020, the number of for-hire carriers on file with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration totaled 928,647, private carriers totaled 799,342 and other* interstate motor carriers totaled 84,763.

* Other’ motor carriers are those that did not specify their segment or checked multiple segments. All other categories were excluded.

  • 91.3% operate 6 or fewer trucks.
  • 97.4% operate fewer than 20 trucks.

International Trucking:

  • Trucks transported 67.7% of the value of surface trade between the U.S. and Canada in 2019.
  • Trucks transported 83.1% of the value of surface trade between the U.S. and Mexico in 2019.
  • In 2019, the value of truck-transported trade rose 1.2% to $429.0 billion with Mexico; truck-transported trade with Canada fell 1.5% to $343.0 billion.


  • 7.95 million people employed throughout the economy in jobs that relate to trucking activity in 2019 excluding the self-employed.
  • 3.6 million truck drivers employed in 2019 (an increase of 1.7% from 2018).


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