SMC & TSC Webinar- Electronic Data for Investigations: Infotainment & Cellphones, The Dynamic Duo

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Webinar Description:

The pace of technological development in today’s world is nearly beyond comprehension.  On every level and at every stage, one of the main foods fueling this movement is data. Data solidifies itself as an uncontrollable, modern force of nature because as a certain quantity of data enters the system as fuel, there is even more “data” that comes out on the back end. With storage becoming physically smaller yet technologically more expansive, our devices can better capitalize on the most robust data stream of all – its human owner. To help manage this matter, efforts to restrict a third-parties’ ability to access stored data on a device have been made. While this may be a benefit in our personal lives, it can also be a challenge in our professional lives, particularly for those involved in insurance and litigation.

While companies like Apple have made strides in limiting access by mobile forensic analysts, auto manufacturers are focused on end goals that produce additional data sources and storage rather than promote the need for security. Telematics and Infotainment, both sources of vehicular data, go hand-in-hand with modern smartphones. These technologies communicate seamlessly and rely on data stored within the system. This data can be accessed and interpreted and includes elements such as GPS location; search and browser history; event data, call histories, text messages, photographs, videos, and more.

This presentation will provide attendees with an understanding of:
  • The history/progression of infotainment systems and cellular phones
  • How to identify vehicles and devices supported for data extraction
  • The practical and theoretical obstacles surrounding the acquisition of mobile devices
  • The appropriate methodologies to which data is collected, analyzed, and utilized

About the Presenter:

Justin P. Schorr, Ph.D, President, Principal Collision Reconstruction Engineer, DJS Associates

Justin’s expertise is rooted in three main segments: transportation engineering, applied mathematics, and intelligent systems engineering. Specific to collision reconstruction and intelligent vehicles, Justin is well trained in traffic engineering and highway safety, highway design, intelligent transportation systems, vehicle dynamics, real-world crash investigation, crash investigation and analysis, vehicle standards and crash test analysis, and intelligent control systems. Justin began his Secondary Education career by earning his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University in 2008 and completed his 11-year odyssey by earning his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Civil Engineering from George Washington University. Justin’s education does not end there, however, as he has also completed specialized training in Collision Reconstruction, Event Data Recorders (EDR). As an active member of the academic research community, Justin has published four peer-reviewed journal articles and eight refereed conference papers in the field of transportation safety and driver behavior.

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