Boost Hiring & Get Competitive: Cost-Effective Health Benefits that Promote Drivers' Well-being

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Boost Hiring & Get Competitive: Cost-Effective Health Benefits that Promote Drivers' Well-being

Webinar Description:   

The trucking industry faces unprecedented challenges — driver shortages, soaring fuel costs, complex operations and more. Managers and owners are looking for ways to maintain affordable services without compromising the safety and well-being of their drivers. Most don’t realize that their healthcare plan holds the key to solving these challenges. Learn how trucking industry innovators are getting back in the driver’s seat, taking control of their company’s healthcare costs and realizing savings, as well as offering competitive benefits that meet their workforce’s unique needs and promote their well-being.

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About the Presenter:

Will Buckley, Regional Vice President of Sales, Market Leader, Imagine360 

As the Regional Vice President, Market Leader for Imagine360, Will leads the team responsible for new customer growth and broker/consultant relationship management across the Northeast. Will is passionate about empowering employers to take control of their health plans, enabling them to provide exceptional benefits while promoting transparency in healthcare costs. 

With an acute understanding of the challenges facing organizations in today's complex landscape, Will brings a wealth of expertise to the table, guiding businesses toward innovative solutions and tangible results. Prior to joining Imagine360, Will spent 10 years in ancillary insurance sales at Guardian and The Standard. He received his B.A. in Marketing from Saint Joseph's University.

Imagine360 is the leading provider of health plan solutions that deliver deep cost savings and concierge member support to companies across the country. Leveraging 50+ years of expertise, Imagine360’s solutions combine the financial benefits of reference-based pricing, best-in-class member support, and health plan administration. 


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