Press Release

Spear: Time for Washington to Get Real About American Energy Independence

Mar 06, 2022

Arlington, Virginia -- American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear issued the following statement today:

"With fuel prices skyrocketing, and hardworking Americans feeling the intensifying pain at the pump, it is time the Biden Administration and Congress get real about American energy independence.

“The horrific war in Ukraine makes crystal clear why we need to increase domestic energy production, and must eliminate energy reliance on nations that pose a threat to our national and economic security.  The millions of Americans who keep our country moving forward should not be put in the position of having to spend a single dollar on Russian fuel that lines the war chest of a genocidal tyrant.

"Our addiction to foreign energy sources not only empowers America's most dangerous adversaries, but it's also having a serious impact right now on our industry's ability to keep costs down for our customers throughout the supply chain. The trucking industry calls on the President and Congress to take immediate, concrete steps to increase domestic production and restart critical pipeline projects in the face of this clear and present danger. 

“We cannot afford to ignore our nation’s current energy needs in a fog of partisan idealism about the future of energy use.  The trucking industry supports an all-of-the-above approach when it comes to securing our energy future. But the transition to cleaner and renewable fuels over the horizon requires a practical, common-sense bridge in the here-and-now, beginning with the abundant sources readily available here at home."