Press Release

ATA Reacts to Biden Administration’s Heavy-Duty Truck Emissions Proposal

Mar 07, 2022

Arlington, Virginia – Today, the American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear said the association and industry would be closely reviewing the Biden Administration’s proposed emissions rules for heavy-duty trucks, but that it will be critical that these rules result in usable, reliable and cost-effective equipment:

“We share the Biden Administration’s goals of reducing air pollution – as a longtime member of EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership – we have worked in harmony with environmental regulators to successfully reduce greenhouse gas and NOx emissions.
“We will be looking very closely at the proposal put forth today by the administration and working with them to shape an outcome that builds on those reductions, while not hurting the reliability of the trucks and trailers we purchase, nor imposing unreasonable or unworkable costs on our industry.
“We want to ensure that the Biden Administration sets one, single national NOx emissions standard and that such standard can be achieved with workable, reliable technology – anything less than that will be extremely problematic for ATA and our members.”