A Revolution in Real-time In-cab Safety Alerts, Sponsored by Drivewyze

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A Revolution in Real-time In-cab Safety Alerts, Sponsored by Drivewyze

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For the first time, real-time warnings about dangerous traffic slowdowns, unexpected service vehicles on the roadside, and cautions about steep grades and unsafe routes are being displayed to commercial truck drivers on their in-cab telematics devices – at no cost to drivers or carriers – thanks to investments and collaboration from state agencies, telematics hardware providers and safety technology leaders. Drivewyze Free, launched in January 2024, delivers an essential mix of Agency-sponsored and Drivewyze-sponsored safety alerts to drivers to help them avoid incidents before they happen, and it is being broadly offered to drivers and fleets of all sizes, at no cost.

To shed more light on this revolutionary technology, ATA and Drivewyze are convening a special panel that will be moderated by Rob Abbott, VP of Customer Success, Drivewyze. This session will cover:

  • Key benefits of Drivewyze Free
  • Why State Agencies have chosen to sponsor Drivewyze Free
  • How safety technology is helping fleets and drivers avoid incidents

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Drivewyze Webinar

Rob Abbott, VP of Customer Success, Drivewyze

Rob Abbott is the Vice President of Customer Success for Drivewyze, North America’s largest connected truck platform. Drivewyze provides weigh station bypass and safety notifications to trucking fleets through in-cab telematics devices and transportation IOT networks. Abbott came to Drivewyze from Lytx, the largest provider of cloud-connected video event recorders to the trucking industry, where he served as Commercial Leader for Enterprise Fleets. Prior to Lytx, he was the Vice President of Safety for the American Trucking Associations, the largest trade associations representing the trucking industry. In this capacity he promoted and defended the interests of the nation’s leading fleets on issues such as hours of service limits and motor carrier safety rating methodologies. Abbott had previously worked as a safety professional in the trucking industry, most recently as Vice-President of Safety for TransForce.

Courtney Weeter, PE, PMP, Senior Traffic Engineer, North Carolina Department of Transportation

Courtney Weeter is a Senior Traffic Engineer with North Carolina Department of Transportation with over 8 years of experience. She is a registered Professional Engineer in North Carolina and Colorado. She graduated from North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Courtney works at NCDOT’s Statewide Transportation Operations Center supporting traveler information, performance metrics, Integrated Corridor Management projects, and large work zone projects.

Darren Burger, VP of Operations, Cargo Transporters

Darren Burger is an experienced Fleet Operations Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the transportation/trucking/railroad industry. Currently the VP of Operations, Darren has been able to explore different roles throughout his time at Cargo Transporters in the last 19 years. Darren excels in Analytical and Operational Skills, Transportation, DOT Compliance, Business Development, and Project Management, having graduated from Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute.


Drivewyze Inc. is a leader in the transportation technology industry that builds innovative solutions for commercial vehicle fleets, drivers, and transportation infrastructure owners and operators. Drivewyze delivers best-in-class in-cab services to commercial truck fleets and drivers, like Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service and Drivewyze Safety+ proactive safety alerts. Drivewyze infrastructure services provide solutions to state agencies, including Smart Roadside commercial vehicle enforcement (CVE) electronic screening, Central Park truck parking management, and Smart Roadways connected truck solutions.

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