ATA Webinar- Transition to 2020: Crossing the Finish Line and Preparing for the Next Congress, Sponsored by PrePass Safety Alliance

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Webinar Description: 

Join ATA's Bill Sullivan, Executive Vice President of Advocacy, and the ATA advocacy team for an update on ATA's legislative and regulatory priorities and the status of issues affecting the industry and your business. A question and answer session will follow.


Discussion Topics Include:

  • First Session of the 116th Congress Winds Down
    • Trade
    • Infrastructure
  • Regulatory Update
    • Hours of Service - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)
    • Drug Clearinghouse
    • Hair Testing
  • Management Conference and Exhibition Update
    • Speed Limiter policy
    • Controlled Substances- looking ahead
    • Upgraded focus on Tort and Legal Reform
  • Update on State Labor Rules Preemption



PrePass Safety Alliance (formerly HELP Inc.), is the non-profit provider of PrePass weigh station bypass and toll payment services. The Alliance was formed in 1993 by trucking industry leaders, enforcement agencies and state DOTs to improve the safety and efficiency of the trucking industry. The organization's Board of Directors is comprised of an equal number of industry and government representatives to ensure that services are balanced between safety and efficiency. To date, the Alliance has invested more than $700 million nationwide to deploy services to improve safety, reduce truck-related emissions and preserve highway infrastructure.

For more details, visit www.prepassalliance.org.

**NOTICE: ATA webinars are strictly educational for our members, and are not press events. The information contained in this webinar is not intended for, nor should it be used in, the production, editing or creation of news or analysis pieces. Participants are also forbidden from using them as background for published materials, white papers or other communications. Therefore, the contents of this webinar are strictly embargoed and off the record.

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