Moving & Storage Institute Lifetime Achievement Award

A lifetime of dedication and achievement!

NOTE: MSI Lifetime Achievement Award Applications Now CLOSED!
Winner of the Award will be announced at the ATA MSC Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA March 4-6, 2024.


The Lifetime Achievement Award for Distinguished Service is the moving industry’s most prestigious symbol of leadership, innovation, integrity and service, awarded to individuals who have built a reputation for professional excellence and made significant contributions leading to overall industry growth and advancement.

A list of past Lifetime Achievement Award recipients is available here.

Award Criteria and Guidelines

Nominee must have worked a minimum of 20 years in the moving and storage industry, and must have been an active participant in an industry business within the last 60 months (e.g. an officer or employee of a moving and storage company or van line, industry supplier, or state or national industry association). Individuals may be nominated posthumously. Current members of the Moving and Storage Institute board are not eligible.

Nominations must be sponsored by one or more of the following: (a) a member of either the ATA Moving and Storage Conference (MSC) board of directors or Executive Committee; (b) a member of the MSI board of directors; or (c) a past award recipient. Nominations will be reviewed and scored by Members of the MSI Board of Directors who act as a panel of judges, using objective scoring measures and guidelines. The overall score will be determined by the number of points awarded for each of the criteria listed below and addressed in the written essay, which must accompany the nomination form. Members of the MSI Board of Directors independently review and rank all nominations and final results remain confidential until the award is presented during MSC’s Annual Meeting.

The required written essay must address each of the applicable criteria and provide specific evidence of how the nominee has met the criteria throughout his or her career. Essay length is limited to four pages of typed text, 12 pt. font, single-spaced. Attachments may include a professional biography, relevant press clippings, and up to four letters of support from colleagues, friends and family members familiar with the nominee’s work and contributions; attachments should be limited to no more than six pages.

Please address the applicable criteria in the written essay, as follows:

  1. Please explain and provide specific examples of how the nominee has exhibited overall leadership and service within
    the industry.
  2. Please explain and provide specific examples of how the nominee has initiated, supported and/or participated in
    industry efforts, programs or services designed to enhance and improve the moving and storage industry.
  3. Please explain and provide specific examples of how the nominee has advanced industry operations through
    technological development, sales innovations, new service organizations, and/or the development of new
    warehousing or moving techniques.
  4. Please explain and provide specific examples of how the nominee has enhanced the overall public image of the
    industry through leadership, integrity, community service activities, humanitarianism, and/or by exemplary service to
    the public.

Submission Deadline and Timeline:

Nominations must be submitted online, via email or post marked no later than December 1, 2023, and all supporting material must be received with the nomination form. Preferred method of submission is online via Nominations submitted by post must be accompanied by all supporting documents. Award judging and final selection will be completed by the end of December and notification will be made by January 26th to the nominating party only. Nominating party must agree to keep award results confidential, particularly from the winner, and to work with MSI staff to ensure the winner’s attendance at the award ceremony, which will take place during the 2024 MSC Annual Meeting.

MSI Lifetime Achievement Award Applications Are Now CLOSED!

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