Supply Chain Security Policy Committee

Mission Statement

This committee acts as ATA's clearinghouse for all strategy related to the Department of Homeland Security and related agencies. The committee directs ATA's advocacy efforts regarding all issues pertaining to transportation security and international trade via commercial motor vehicle. Current issues include the NAFTA border opening, customs automation, driver immigration, security background credentialing, and trusted trader programs. The Committee also receives support from the Transportation Security Council's homeland security committee for research, analysis and policy development.

ATA Staff Liaison

Committee Chair & Vice Chair

Committee Chair

Deb Stone

Logistics Cost Analyst
McKee Foods Transportation, LLC
Collegedale, TN

Committee Vice Chair

Larry Woolson

Regional Operations Manager
Roehl Transport, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ

NOTE: All ATA meetings are conducted in strict compliance with the ATA Antitrust Guidelines and pursuant to Robert�s Rules of Order.