Small Carrier Committee

Mission Statement

The Small Carriers Committee (SCC) is an advisory committee to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of American Trucking Associations, Inc. (ATA). The mission of the SCC is to focus ATA leadership and staff on the needs, attitudes, influence, and political strengths of the ATA small carrier constituency; to recognize the importance of small carriers to ATA and the trucking industry in general; and, to identify and advance issues, programs, and services that will assist small carriers.

ATA Staff Liaison

Committee Chair & Vice Chair

Committee Chair

Collin Stewart

President & CEO
Stewart Transport
Phoenix, AZ

Committee Vice Chair

Ron Faulkner

Faulkner Trucking, Inc.
Tulare, CA

Supported by the technical experts on the Safety Management Council.

Membership Criteria

For purposes of the Small Carriers Committee, a motor carrier is judged to be "small" provided its annual gross revenues do not exceed the size standards for small carriers set by the U.S. Small Business Administration ($25.5 million as of October, 2012). Any small motor carrier, who is a full dues-paying member of ATA as well as a member in good standing with an ATA-affiliated State Trucking Association, may be considered for membership on the SCC. Any small carrier meeting the above membership criteria and size standard (qualified small carrier) is free to attend any official SCC meeting, but holds no voting rights.


The SCC will meet in conjunction with the ATA Board of Directors or on such occasion as the ATA Chairman of the Board determines. Each SCC shall have one vote. The SCC Chair shall determine whether any SCC meeting shall be open to other than qualified small carriers. ATA staff shall be welcome at all SCC meetings. ATA will provide staff and serve as liaison to the SCC and its Chair and be responsible for drafting the minutes of SCC Committee meetings.