See, Believe, Become

See, Believe, Become

Through interviews with women across ATA's meetings, this initiative highlights the many career fields available to women in the transportation industry. In these videos, the interviewees answer questions like: how they got into the industry, what have they learned, and what advice they have for other women thinking about joining the industry.

Tina Klein, Professional Truck Driver, FedEx Ground

We're illuminating the diverse range of career opportunities within the transportation industry and celebrating the remarkable women who fill these roles, powering our supply chain forward. In August, we had the privilege of sitting down with Tina Klein of FedEx Ground at NTDC 2023 – join us as we delve into her inspiring journey. 

Ina Daly, Professional Truck Driver, XPO

Ina Daly of XPO was named the recipient of the Neill Darmstadter Professional Excellence Award at NTDC 2023. In her 40+ years as a professional truck driver, she's logged more than 3.8 million safe miles behind the wheel. Congratulations Ina and thank you for sharing your story with us!

Gina Jones, Professional Truck Driver, Werner Enterprises

Meet Gina Jones – professional truck driver for Werner Enterprises and ATA America’s Road Team Captain. Since embarking on her trucking journey at the age of 50, Gina has accumulated an impressive record of 1.2 million accident-free miles. Discover the highlights of Gina's exhilarating second career and the factors contributing to her remarkable success.

Lisa Steed, Professional Truck Driver, FedEx Ground

As our focus turns to #NTDC24, we remember our conversation with 2023 competitor Lisa Steed of FedEx Ground. Lisa highlighted the warmth of the trucking community and the deep fulfillment she finds in her career: "The most satisfying thing about delivering packages is you never know what you're delivering. You could be delivering medication to someone who doesn't have a vehicle, doesn't have the means to go pick up their prescription and it ultimately could be lifesaving medication for them. Or it could be something as simple as a birthday gift."

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