Press Release

ATA Honors 10 State Executives for Service to Industry

Oct 15, 2023

Austin, Texas – Today, the American Trucking Associations recognized 10 state trucking executives for their time representing the industry with Trucking Association Executives Council Service Awards.

“These STA Execs, along with so many of our state trucking association executives here today, work daily in their respective state capitals and localities to promote, preserve and protect the interests of our great industry,” said TAEC National Chair Shannon Newton, president and CEO of the Arkansas Trucking Association. “Politics at the state level versus the federal level is about as different as night and day. Whereas the legislative process at the federal level tends to get totally bogged down for myriad reasons, legislative initiatives in state capitals actually move – often without warning and rather quickly. This fast-paced environment presents many unique challenges for industry advocates, and that’s not even mentioning the never-ending association management challenges we all face.”

This year, the 10 honorees have a combined 165 years of service to their state trucking association:

  • Nebraska Trucking Association President Kent Grisham and Kentucky Trucking Association President and CEO Rick Taylor were honored for five years of service. 
  • Arizona Trucking Association President and CEO Tony Bradley, Ohio Trucking Association President and CEO Tom Balzer, and New Mexico Trucking Association Managing Director Johnny Johnson were recognized for 10 years of service. Balzer previously led the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association for six years.
  • Trucking Association of New York President Kendra Hems and Iowa Motor Truck Association President and CEO Brenda Neville were recognized for 15 years of service. 
  • Georgia Motor Truck Association President and CEO Ed Crowell and Wyoming Trucking Association President and CEO Sheila Foertsch were both recognized for 30 years of service. 
  • South Carolina Trucking Association President and CEO Rick Todd was honored for 35 years of service.

“The strength of our Federation is built up on the foundation of our state associations,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “They advance our priorities at the state level and come to Washington to do the same. These leaders are critical to our success, and I salute them for their efforts.”