Press Release

ATA Expresses Support for Bill to Protect Vehicle Choice

Sep 12, 2023

Washington – Today, the American Trucking Associations expressed support for the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act, legislation introduced by Congressman John Joyce (R-PA-13), which would prohibit the adoption of destructive regulations by states like California that will eliminate the sale of motor vehicles with internal combustion engines.

This technology-neutral approach that this legislation provides would encourage innovation to meet the diverse needs of the trucking industry while reducing emissions.

“ATA believes we must set national, achievable, and realistic targets and timelines along the way to our shared goal of zero emissions.  Those efforts must be made through a lens of technology neutrality, allowing innovation to provide a wide range of solutions that meet the diverse needs of the trucking industry,” said Bill Sullivan, Executive Vice President of Advocacy for the American Trucking Associations.  “To that end, we thank House Republicans for their leadership in advancing alternatives to the unachievable timelines being proposed by California.  Setting a patchwork of regulations will disrupt the nation’s supply chain and force motor carriers to purchase costly, early-stage equipment and operate it in an environment with insufficient infrastructure support.  ATA is grateful to Congressman Joyce of Pennsylvania and his colleagues who supported this legislation.  We look forward to working with congressional champions, coalition partners in industry, and federal regulators to set achievable emissions goals for the trucking industry.”