Press Release

ATA Calls on Governor Abbott to Rescind his Redundant Inspection Initiative

Apr 14, 2022

Arlington, Virginia — American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear issued the following statement today regarding Governor Greg Abbott's enhanced safety inspection initiative for commercial trucks entering Texas through Mexico:

“The American Trucking Associations is an unwavering supporter of border security, but the new inspection scheme in Texas is wholly flawed, redundant and adding considerable weight on an already strained supply chain.
“These duplicative screenings of commercial vehicles on our southern border are unleashing a negative, tangible downstream impact, hurting businesses and employees in other parts of the country who have no say and no responsibility over federal border policy. As we saw recently along the northern border, it doesn’t take long for factories to begin closing their doors after a vital commercial artery such as this one gets pinched. 
“In 2021, there were nearly 3.3 million loaded truck entries from Mexico – our largest trading partner – into the U.S. through Texas ports, carrying a wide range of essentials from perishable food items, to key components needed for the manufacture of cars. Adding additional layers of new screening for motor carriers – who are already subject to significant screening and have a strong record of compliance – provides little safety benefit, while the congestion and impact on our already stressed supply chain will cause the price of goods to rise.
“Governor Abbott is directly responsible for applying these new senseless inspections on our industry as well as the adverse impact they are having on the economy and hardworking Americans, including truckers. We ask that the Governor scrap his misguided scheme immediately.”