Press Release

ATA Announces Key Staff Promotions

Oct 27, 2023

Washington – Today, the American Trucking Associations announced promotions for five key staff members.  These changes were made in conjunction with updates to the Executive Team that were announced earlier this week.
“Our goal in these promotions is to create a more coordinated, effective and agile organization,” said ATA President & CEO Chris Spear. “We are proud to see the growth of these five individuals during their tenure at ATA. We believe they have, and will continue to provide, significant value to our wide-ranging, growing membership base and the overall Federation.” 

  • Mike Doran is being promoted to Senior Vice President of Membership and Allied Partnerships. In this new role, Doran will continue to oversee all allied sales and non-dues revenue, including all sponsorships, exhibit sales and the ATA Featured Product program. Additionally, he will now oversee all membership sales. During Doran’s 16-year tenure at ATA, he has held sales roles on the member and allied sales teams. He can see both perspectives and bring the teams together for a greater depth of synergy. 
  • Henry Hanscom is being promoted to Deputy Senior Vice President of Legislative Affairs. During Hanscom’s almost eleven-year tenure at ATA, he has shown his effectiveness at leading legislative initiatives on behalf of ATA’s members. Hanscom will help expand the reach of ATA’s Hill Office in his new role, as well as grow ATA’s grassroots and legislative communications efforts.
  • Dan Horvath is being promoted to Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Safety Policy. In this new role, Horvath will begin to oversee the regulatory staff, and he will continue to lead the Safety Policy team. Horvath joined ATA in March 2018 as Director of Safety Policy. He was promoted to VP of Safety and began leading that team in September 2018. Horvath is also a graduate of ATA’s LEAD program. 
  • Alex Rosen is being promoted to Vice President of Advocacy. Her new role will be to drive collaboration between the two advocacy pillars, legislative and regulatory affairs, while building deeper relationships with the executive branch. She will partner with the regulatory staff to expand relationships at DOT to further ATA’s work on behalf of its members. She will continue to lead the Law Enforcement Advisory Board.

•    Rob Sillito is being promoted to Regional Vice President and Senior Director of Membership Sales. Sillito will lead the membership sales team while maintaining his sales territory in this position. Sillito’s experience in the trucking industry, strong sales record and relationship with ATA’s membership will position the Federation to grow to new heights.