WIM Educates Questionnaire

Information message

The Women in Moton Advisory Council is working on a series of webinars for women in 2024 and your feedback is valuable to us. Please take a moment to answer the questions below so we can provide content that is most helpful to women in the industry.

Webinar Topics Rating
Women’s Safety on the Road
Labor/Talent Acquisition
Mastering Public Speaking
Policies that retain women in the workplace
Financial Freedom for Women: Building Wealth and Security
Webinar Topics Rating
Industry women telling their stories – broken up by sector (i.e. tech, maintenance, drivers, HR, etc.)
Starting a business 101
Success Stories – women in the industry who have bult successful careers – advice, how they did it
How women avoid burnout in their careers
Career fields in trucking
Empowering Women in Leadership: Strategies for Success
Are you interested in networking opportunities with other women in your industry through virtual events or forums?