What to Do When Diligence is Due: M & A Concerns in Trucking

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What to Do When Diligence is Due: M & A Concerns in Trucking

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Maybe you’re actively looking for a buyer for your transportation company. Maybe you’re looking to expand your operations and feel acquiring an existing entity is your best move. Maybe you’ve made a great connection with another entity and think you’ll both be stronger joining forces as a single entity. Maybe you’re not actively looking at any of the circumstances, but you want to have your ducks in a row in case a great opportunity presents itself. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, there are few experiences more overwhelming than a Sale, Merger, or Acquisition—and the specialized nature of trucking makes everything more complicated. Still, there are practices you can implement in your business that will not only serve your existing operations, but will make a sale or purchase easier when the day comes.  

This webinar will cover:

  • A brief overview of what “M & A” means, and the different types of transactions
    • Stock Purchase, Asset Purchase, Etc.
  • An outline of a typical M & A timeline for a trucking company
  • Typical Due Diligence items—and how to request and/or provide them to your advantage
  • How to handle real or perceived deficiencies
    • i.e. incomplete recordkeeping, bad loss runs, problematic CSA scores
  • Which transportation assets can be transferred, and which cannot
    • DOT Identifiers, DQ Files, etc.
  • Post-Closing Liability

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About the Presenter

Elle M. Slattery, Partner, Taylor Nelson PL

Elle is a Partner at the boutique transportation law firm of Taylor Nelson, PL, specializing in regulatory compliance and corporate restructuring. She enjoys creating practical legal and operational solutions for clients that minimize exposure while taking into account the realities of a competitive, complex industry. She routinely handles mergers and acquisitions of transportation entities from both the buyer and seller side, ensuring the fair valuation of companies and the smooth transition of operations throughout the transaction process and beyond. The challenges of balancing the frameworks of state and federal transportation regulations, employment classification requirements, insurance policy provisions, and general business law make this work particularly exciting and fulfilling. Prior to her career in transportation law, Elle served as a litigator and special adviser in the Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Employment, Litigation, and Information at the United States Department of Commerce. There, she specialized in defending the work-product and privileged communications of the Executive Office of the Secretary and represented the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Freedom of Information Act litigation. She is well-versed in federal regulatory procedure.


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