Power Only Program Risk Management

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Power Only Program Risk Management

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Power Only programs are growing in popularity for shippers that want the benefits of large carrier trailer pools and the service of small carriers. Power Only programs are growing in popularity for large carriers wanting to control more freight through their trailer capacity. Power Only programs are growing in popularity for small carriers wanting to access freight from large shippers without heavy dollar and time investments in trailer management. There is a lot of good that can come from well-run power only programs, but there are also risks for carriers big and small. This webinar will discuss trailer management risks, cargo liability risks, and motor vehicle accident liability risks for carriers and brokers providing the trailers and managing power only programs, as well as liability risks for small carriers participating in power only programs. Attendees will walk away with concrete ideas they can take back to their businesses to help manage their risks whether they are already in power only programs, or thinking of joining the trend in 2024.

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About the Presenters: 

Doug Grawe, Founder & CEO, The Grawe Group, LLC

Doug Grawe is the founder and CEO of the Grawe Group, a law firm specializing in the transportation industry. Doug has served on multiple industry boards and committees, including those with the Minnesota Trucking Association, TCA, ATA, Minnesotans for Lawsuit Reform, and more. After 15 years as general counsel and one of the executive leaders at a large trucking and logistics organization, Doug started the Grawe Group to help carriers and brokers big and small. With a team of trucking executives they help carriers and brokers manage their risks, strengthen their independent contractor and safety programs, solve leadership puzzles, and improve profitability.

Gary Randall, Executive Business Partner, The Grawe Group, LLC

Gary is an Executive Business Partner with the Grawe Group. Gary has led Operations, Safety, Sales, Logistics, and Claim Management efforts at trucking and logistics companies over his 35+ year career in the trucking and logistics industry. With a sharp focus on prioritizing day-to-day management that gets the work done and sets the organization up for long term success, Gary is an excellent coach to carrier and broker clients alike with a large tree coaching tree scattered throughout the industry.


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