NAFC Webinar: The 12 Traits of Highly Profitable Trucking Companies

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NAFC Webinar: The 12 Traits of Highly Profitable Trucking Companies

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Would you like to learn how true business credit can work for you?

Join Chris Henry and David Roush as they share 12 key traits they’ve observed from their work with over 200 trucking companies of varying size, mode, and operating models. These observations were made as a byproduct of their work assisting trucking company leaders in understanding their freight network and determining strategies to improve the density, velocity, and ultimately the profitability of freight in the geography in which they operate. More information on these traits can be found here: The 12 Traits of Highly Profitable Trucking Companies


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About the Presenters:

David Roush, President, KSM Transport Advisors, LLC

David Roush is president of KSM Transport Advisors, LLC (KSMTA) and KSMTA Canada. His lifelong background in the transportation industry provides a unique perspective, which enables him to objectively guide clients through the process of improving their profitability. David helps clients better understand and focus on how their freight networks, financial management decisions, operational metrics, and optimization strategies fit together for overall success. David draws on his previous experience to act as a sounding board and trusted advisor, encouraging clients to adopt a business model based on irrefutable math-based data, best practices, and metrics benchmarked with industry leaders and peers. He developed the tools and business processes utilized in KSMTA’s freight network optimization practice while working as a trucking executive and owner. In addition to top-line revenue management and optimization, David has a thorough understanding of the trucking P&L and balance sheet and the functions supporting the various line items. He also supports clients through merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions.

Chris Henry, Chief Operating Officer, KSM Transport Advisors, LLC

Chris Henry is chief operating officer for KSM Transport Advisors, LLC (KSMTA) and KSMTA Canada. Chris has spent his entire 20+ year career serving the trucking industry, helping carriers and transportation companies identify and target areas for potential improvement in order to increase profitability. He is well-known as the co-founder and former leader of StakUp, the developer of an online motor carrier benchmarking platform which quickly became the trucking industry’s largest source of carrier financial and operational benchmark data. Chris was instrumental in establishing StakUp’s joint venture with the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) to develop their TCA Profitability Program (TPP) benchmarking tool, which compares and contrasts trucking companies’ financial and operational performance.


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