ATA Law Review: We're Not Gonna Take It! How to Spot Lien-Based Treatment, Bust Referral Networks, and Fight Inflated Medical Bills

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ATA Law Review: We're Not Gonna Take It! How to Spot Lien-Based Treatment, Bust Referral Networks, and Fight Inflated Medical Bills

Webinar Description: 

In this webinar you will learn the different types of medical funding models (doctors who self-finance, factoring, medical funding companies, etc.), how lien-based care and attorney/funding company/doctor referral networks work, and how to identify whether these issues exist in your claim at the earliest stage. You will also learn what kinds of documents exist to demonstrate the relationships between the "funding triangle" (doctors, lawyers, funding companies) and how billing experts can help analyze whether the medical expenses incurred by a plaintiff in a specific case were reasonable. 

This webinar will discuss:

  • Learn the brass tacks about how medical treatment is funded in cases involving lien-based treatment.
  • Discover how the referral networks between attorneys, doctors, chiropractors, and funding companies works.
  • Gain a better understanding of how these issues dramatically increase the medical bills in your cases and lead to increased exposure for verdicts and settlements. 
  • Identify how to spot whether attorney-directed treatment or lien-based care exists in your claims at the earliest stage.
  • Find new tools to combat excessive medical bills and unnecessary medical care by utilizing billing experts and obtaining the necessary documents to show attorney/doctor/funding company relationships. 

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About the Presenters: 

Whitney Lay Greene, Partner, Chartwell Law

Whitney Lay Greene is an experienced civil litigator and trial attorney, practicing throughout the state of Georgia. She handles a broad spectrum of matters in the fields of commercial transportation, ride-share/gig economy liability, premises liability, and product liability. Whitney handles cases from pre-suit through resolution, including trials and appeals. She assists with response to pre-suit preservation letters and routinely performs emergency response and on-scene investigation services in the wake of catastrophic events to preserve her client’s interests and minimize exposure.  

Whitney prides herself on handling all matters for her clients but focuses her practice on cases with complex liability and medical causation issues, including catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims. She has a wealth of experience in all aspects of litigation, including motion practice, expert depositions, mediations, and representing clients at the trial and appellate level. Her success relies on her ability to fully understand the desired resolution as she works to provide creative and effective strategies on behalf of her clients.


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