Press Release

UrbanVolt Renewed as ATA Affinity Program Provider

Apr 29, 2021

Global Sustainability Experts to Provide Discounted Services to Trucking Association’s Members

Arlington, Virginia – Today, American Trucking Associations announced UrbanVolt, a global leader in commercial sustainability solutions, has been renewed as an ATA Affinity Program Provider. The agreement offers ATA member companies preferential pricing and access to UrbanVolt’s Solar as a Service and Light as a Service product offerings. 

“Ensuring the profitability of our members is part of our core mission at ATA, and this program provides value that can’t be found anywhere else in the marketplace,” said Mario Grande, ATA’s chief commercial officer. “UrbanVolt’s visionary lighting and solar services not only reduce an operation’s carbon footprint, but they offer measurable and substantial cost savings that will boost a business’s bottom line.” 

Through its SOLaaS product, UrbanVolt installs solar panels on a business’s facilities at no up-front cost and without any capital investment requirement. The business benefits from lower energy costs of 10 cents per kWh, allowing it to “pay as it saves.” Similarly, through its LaaS product, UrbanVolt will retrofit a facility with energy efficient LED lighting, with no capital outlay requirements under the pay-as-you-save model, reducing a facility’s energy costs by approximately 70%. UrbanVolt assumes all maintenance costs for both services. 

“At UrbanVolt, it is our vision to ensure every company has access to affordable clean energy. Businesses thrive when staff are focused and, as the economy stabilizes and recovers, it is essential that you focus on your core business,” said UrbanVolt CEO Kevin Maughan. “Our business is to improve energy efficiency and install renewable power for our customers. We provide our customers with the ability to tie down their energy costs for 20+ years and remove the volatility of the energy cost escalator.”

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