Press Release

Kevin W. Burch Becomes 24th Member of TCF Founders Club

Sep 05, 2023

Washington – Today, the American Trucking Associations’ Trucking Cares Foundation announced that Kevin W. Burch has committed to becoming the 24th member of the TCF Founders Club.

“Growing up in the trucking industry with a father so dedicated to his work and the professional drivers is where I developed my passion and love for the industry, said Kevin W. Burch, former ATA Chairman. “My father was a great inspiration to me. I just celebrated fifty years in trucking, and equally as important, I just celebrated fifty years without missing a paycheck. Trucking has afforded me the opportunity to promote the image of the nine million people involved in moving America’s freight on time and safely by using ‘I❤️Trucking’ buttons. I believe everyone in trucking should tell their story of trucking not just once in a while, but every day.  I am excited to give back to an industry that has been so good to me and so many others. I am very proud to join the ranks of my fellow former ATA chairmen to become a founding member of the ATA Trucking Cares Foundation.”

The Founders Club is a special class of donors comprised of individuals and corporations that have committed to a $100,000 contribution over a 10-year period. Founders Club members will receive special recognition across Trucking Cares Foundation programs for their early and generous commitments to making our mission a reality.

“We appreciate the tremendous support of Kevin, and all our Founders Club Members. They are setting the Foundation up for sustained success in its mission to support countless important causes in the U.S. and around the world,” said TCF President John Lynch. “These donations allow us to respond quickly when needs arise, as well as make ongoing contributions to important causes throughout the year.”

The Trucking Cares Foundation is the trucking industry’s charitable arm, focusing on several core areas, including: humanitarian and disaster relief; eradicating human trafficking; leadership development; strengthening the industry’s relationships with law enforcement, the military and veterans’ organizations; safety and research opportunities.

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