Press Release

ATA, ISAAC Instruments Renew ATA Featured Product Program Provider

Jun 02, 2023

Washington – Today, American Trucking Associations announced it is renewing ISAAC Instruments, a provider of electronic logging devices and fleet management technologies, as an ATA Featured Product Program Provider.

“Having state-of-the-art technology in the cab and powerful data analytics in the office significantly enhance the efficiency and safety of trucking companies and improve the lives of drivers,” said ATA Chief Commercial Officer Mario Grande.  “From lowering fuel costs, simplifying compliance, and reducing the risk of accidents to increasing driver recruitment and retention, partners like ISAAC Instruments help address some of the biggest challenges facing the industry today.”

ISAAC provides electronic logging for regulatory compliance, as well as fleet management and real-time coaching services to improve efficiency, driver pay, and highway safety.

“ISAAC is pleased to be a Featured Product provider once again, and to support ATA's efforts on behalf of this critical industry,” said Jacques DeLarochelliere, CEO and co-founder of ISAAC. “Our team of experts is 100% dedicated to trucking and strive to help fleets increase safety and efficiency.”

A complete list of ATA Business Solutions Featured Product companies is available at or by calling 866-821-3468.

ISAAC partners with North American fleets to provide a user-friendly solution that simplifies trucking. Focused 100% on the trucking industry, and part of ACT 1’s select group of members for improving the industry’s landscape, ISAAC helps overcome carriers’ daily challenges, while boosting driver happiness. ISAAC delivers proven, reliable, turnkey fleet management technology to streamline operations and enhance safety. With seamless integration to customers’ existing systems via their open platform and data-driven technology that monitors truck and driving performance, ISAAC has an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution, one that helps drivers and back-office teams work smoothly and empowers companies with informed decision-making. For more information, visit