Press Release

ATA Backs Congressional Effort to Curb Distracted Driving

Mar 30, 2021

Arlington, Virginia – Today, the American Trucking Associations announced its support for the Safe to Drive Act, legislation aimed at helping states curb a leading cause of highway accidents and fatalities: distracted driving.

“We have long known that distracted driving is a threat to the goal of zero highway fatalities, and we believe that enhancing driver education and enforcement is a great way to reduce this high-risk behavior,” said ATA Vice President of Safety Policy Dan Horvath. “We want to thank Senators Klobuchar and Blumenthal and Representatives Krishnamoorthi, Gallagher and Cohen for their leadership on this important issue.”

The bipartisan bill would provide grants to states that pass laws banning mobile device use that can be used to enforce distracted driving laws as well as educate all motorists about the risks of distracted driving.

“The trucking industry has been subject to a mobile device ban for some time and has seen the benefit it can have on safety,” Horvath said. “Given data showing the majority of car-truck collisions are the result of passenger driver behavior, extending those bans to all drivers and not just truck drivers will have a positive impact on safety.”

“As a professional truck driver, I am shocked to see the amount of distracted driving on our highways,” said Steve Fields, a professional driver with Yellow. “I have seen everything from texting, to putting makeup on, to even reading a newspaper while driving. Taking your eyes off of the road for just two seconds compromises highway safety. Anything we can do to reduce distraction is a good thing.”  

With Congress preparing a significant infrastructure bill, ATA sent a letter to congressional leaders in support of the legislation.