Driving into an Election Year: 2023 Recap and a Look into 2024, Sponsored by PrePass Safety Alliance

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Driving into an Election Year: 2023 Recap and a Look into 2024, Sponsored by PrePass Safety Alliance 

Webinar Description: 

As 2023 draws to a close, please join ATA’s Bill Sullivan, Executive Vice President of Advocacy, and the ATA advocacy team for a year-end recap of key issues confronting the trucking industry in Washington, D.C, and for sneak-peek into what policy challenges the new year may bring for the industry and your business. A question-and-answer session will follow the presentation. 

Highlights Include:

  • Recap of 2023:

    • Congress

    • DOT

    • Other agencies

    • States

      • Lawsuit abuse

      • Emissions

  • Current status:

    • ATA Legislative Priorities

    • Regulations

    • Other (states, coalitions, etc.)

  • Incoming 2024:

    • End of Biden 1st term (regulations, argument/policies in campaign)

    • Predictions

      • Congressional (in)activity – but what might move
      • Timeline and current trends on elections

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NOTICE: ATA webinars are strictly educational for our members, and are not press events. The information contained in this webinar is not intended for, nor should it be used in, the production, editing or creation of news or analysis pieces. Participants are also forbidden from using them as background for published materials, white papers or other communications. Therefore, the contents of this webinar are strictly embargoed and off the record.