ATA Law Review: Beware the City of Your Registered Agent

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ATA Law Review Webinar: Beware the City of Your Registered Agent

Webinar Description:

Strategically choosing the location of your registered agent’s office, or any business office, can help limit or control the counties in which your company can be sued. Generally, in state and federal courts, two factors determine the place where lawsuits can be filed and tried: jurisdiction (the legal authority of each court to decide a case) and venue (the geographical location (e.g., county or city or federal district) where the case can properly be pursued). Depending upon state law, in the case of highway accident litigation, venue may be proper in multiple locations such as where an accident occurred or where the trucking company “resides” or where the trucking company maintains its registered agent’s office, even if that county is not the location of the highway accident and the alleged injury. Trucking companies can guard against this type of forum shopping by making informed decisions regarding where to register agents.   

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About the Presenter:

Charles Kraft, Secretary, Shareholder, Butt Thornton & Baehr, PC

Charles Kraft is a shareholder, director, and officer at Butt Thornton & Baehr PC in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Charles’ practice of law is largely focused on trucking/transportation and catastrophic personal injury/wrongful death matters, but also includes professional and medical malpractice claims, regulatory and licensure matters, and advising businesses on cannabis law related compliance. Charles is a member of the Firm’s Rapid Response team, providing 24/7 on-site response and investigation in trucking and other matters, and is licensed to practice in all state and federal courts in the State of New Mexico.


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