MSC Supplier Members Summit Award

Rewarding outstanding performance among industry suppliers.


The Summit Award reflects ATA MSC and the industry’s commitment to outstanding performance among suppliers. Each nomination for the “Supplier of the Year Award” voting will be calculated according to the criteria listed below. Evidence should be provided in the written nomination that the company has met in the last year through its business operations/practices.

Eligibility Requirements & Award Criteria

The mover member company nominating the supplier should award points for each criterion met, on a scale of one (1) to four (4), with one being the lowest and four being the highest, according to the scoring guide that follows on the following statements:

  • Company has made significant contributions to industry with outstanding customer service
  • Company’s activities have benefited consumers and/or the industry
  • Company’s activities have enhanced image of the moving and storage industry (through media, consumer group or good business practices)
  • Company business practices address a current and compelling social or economic issue (“going green”, flexible schedule and diversity)
  • Company has developed innovative initiatives involving the moving and storage industry.

Scoring Guide

The Scoring Guide replaces your own company standards. In order to treat all suppliers fairly and equally and to help maintain consistency across the program, you as the Mover nominating company must define the terms in the Scoring Guide not by your own company standards but by the guidelines set below.

Diversity exists within each scoring point. It is important to remember that there is not one correct achievement. Different suppliers may take widely divergent approaches; where possible, accept the achievement supportively.

The full scoring scale should be used. The first distinction you should make in evaluating a supplier is whether the supplier belongs in the upper or lower half of the scale. Fairness to the company requires that you use the full scoring scale so that meaningful distinctions can be made about the quality of the supplier’s achievements.

4 – Clearly demonstrates comprehensive achievement
3 – Demonstrates achievement, but not comprehensive achievement
2 – Demonstrates a limited achievement
1 – Demonstrates minimal achievement

Qualifications for nominating suppliers: (Has to meet one of the following qualifications).
•    Company attended two prior ATA MSC events (annual conference, safety or committee meetings)
•    Company sponsored at two of ATA MSC events (annual conference, safety or committee meetings)

•    Moving companies may only submit one submission per company
•    Nominated Supplier has been an ATA MSC supplier member for the past year
•    Nominated Supplier must be in good standing with ATA MSC
•    Supplier is defined as a company which supplies products/services to ATA MSC members
•    The same supplier cannot win more than once in a five year period
•    Please provide feedback on why you have selected this company for the Summit Award in the document section

If chosen, a company representative must attend ATA’s MSC Annual Meeting in March 2024 in New Orleans, LA. 

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