MSC Fleet Safety Award

Rewarding distinguished highway safety records in three categories.


Each year the ATA MSC conducts a Fleet Safety Award Contest to determine the moving companies with the best highway safety records. All ATA MSC members are encouraged to enter. Carriers with the best records are recognized in each of three categories:

FLEET SAFETY AWARD – An award will be given to a carrier operating on an interstate basis in each mileage category, based on participation as determined by ATA MSC.

Awards will be presented to the winning carriers at ATA MSC Annual Meeting. Additional recognition may be given to the Safety Directors of the winning carriers at the following Safety Management Council and Transportation Security Council conference.


Carriers may compete in any or all of the categories concurrently. Carriers are not barred from competing by virtue of having won an MSC Fleet Safety Award previously. Carriers must meet the eligibility criteria provided in this Part.

1.    Must be a member in good standing of ATA’s Moving and Storage Conference (MSC) on January 1, 2024.

2.    Must operate three (3) or more vehicles in interstate commerce.

3.    Must conduct operations pursuant to interstate or intrastate operating authority issued to the company by an agency of the federal or a state government, respectively.

4.    Must agree to allow pertinent records to be audited by an independent and objective auditor selected by  ATA MSC.

5.    If operating pursuant to federal authority, must maintain a satisfactory safety rating from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

6.    Contest winners are encouraged to make a representative available for appearance at the ATA MSC Annual Meeting.


Contest Deadline – Completed entry form must be emailed to ATA MSC on or before the close of business (5:30 PM EST) January 19, 2024.

Attachment - Please submit a screen shot of your crash basic raw score with your application.

Reporting Period – Each contestant must complete an official Entry Form based on the reporting period ending on  October  31, 2023.

The reporting provisions apply equally to vehicles owned by the contest entrant and to those supplied under long- term or trip–lease, rental or interchange agreements.

Each application must be fully completed. Late, incomplete or unreadable applications will be returned and not further considered for the contest.
By virtue of submitting an industry safety award contest application, contest entrants that are chosen, must agree to public disclosure of information submitted with their application (see Part IV).

Erroneous or false information appearing on the entry form or uncovered during an audit will result in immediate disqualification and may potentially bar the Contestant from participating in future MSC Fleet Safety Awards contests.

Contest entrants competing for the interstate Fleet Safety Award will be grouped into mileage categories based on participation as determined by ATA MSC.

A Fleet Safety Contest winner will be determined in each mileage category based on the carrier’s interstate mileage for the period October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2023.  If there are not sufficient entrants in any mileage category, categories may be combined or re-defined at the discretion of ATA MSC.

Categories: Over 10 Million Miles; 5-10 Million Miles; Under 5 Million Miles.

The decisions of ATA MSC and of its judges are final and may not be appealed.


With the exception that follows, information submitted to ATA MSC in connection with the Fleet Safety Award Application contest will be considered as proprietary to that company and will be maintained by ATA MSC in the strictest confidence. Information will be used solely to determine the relative safety record of one contestant compared with another, and will not be shared or disclosed with or to any person or entity. ATA MSC will instruct
its judges and auditors as to the sensitive nature of the information submitted with every expectation that they will similarly hold the information they review in strict confidence.

The exception to the foregoing is that the winners of the contest categories should expect to have information regarding their winning applications publicized. While ATA MSC recognizes that the scores that constitute a winning application may change from year to year depending upon a variety of factors, the ability of the public to ascertain a winner’s scores will maintain the integrity and credibility of the contest.

By submitting a fleet safety award contest application, contest entrants expressly agree that they understand fleet safety contest winners will be identified and their application information will be publicly disclosed.

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