SMC/TSC Webinar: Coordinating Preventability and Litigation Issues

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Webinar Description: 

Your company’s accident “preventability” program can create issues in the litigation of an accident. Learn the pitfalls you need to avoid and what you can do to increase the potential to limit discovery.

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About the Presenter:

Doug Marcello, Chief Legal Officer, Bluewire

Doug Marcello is a trucking defense attorney with a CDL. He had represented trucking clients across the country, having been specially admitted for cases in 35 states.

Doug received the 2018 Leadership Award of the ATA Safety Management Council. He has served on the advisory board of the American Trucking Research Institute. Doug is a member of numerous trucking organizations, including a board member of the PA Motor Truck Association and member of the American Trucking Associations’ Safety Management Council as well as trucking law organizations including TIDA and Transportation Lawyers.

He has written numerous articles concerning trucking safety and defense which can be found at www.cdl-law.com. You can also find his interviews and presentation on his YouTube channel and podcast, “TransportCenter”, on iTunes.

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