Automobile Carriers Conference


The Automobile Carriers Conference is open to all ATA member companies engaged in the transportation of motor vehicles and heavy duty trucks and companies engaged in businesses and services allied to this segment of the industry. The mission of the ACC is to provide a strong, unifying and effective voice for motor vehicle and heavy duty truck transporters on legislative and regulatory issues at all levels of government. In addition, through the ACC, carriers are interfacing with the Automotive Industry Logistics Steering Council (AILSC), the auto manufacturers organization, in order to develop methodologies to improve efficiencies and standardizations in the motor vehicle delivery process.

Who We Support

ACC supports and interacts with all ATA Councils and Committees.


News & Info

AIAG Letter

In an effort to simplify, standardize and ultimately drive cost out of the finished vehicle supply chain, the Automotive Industry Action Group along with the European Car Transport Group (ECG) launched an initiative

M-14 Damage Codes Final

The purpose of this manual is to provide a standard up to date set of codes for recording vehicle exceptions,

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