MSC Webinar: Marketing to Millennials & Gen Z

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Webinar Description:

As the millennial generation continues to be the largest segment of homebuyers, and the eldest in the Gen Z generation approach their mid-twenties, it is critical for movers to understand how to reach and sell to these demographics.  These generations have different consumer values and engage in non-traditional channels. Due to the rise of remote work and the gig economy, as well as unique economic challenges, their moving patterns also break the mold of their parents.  Rachael Fischer Lyons of Next Destination Marketing will break down how movers should consider changing their service processes and marketing strategies to ensure long term future success.

About the Presenter: 

Rachael Fischer Lyons is a leading marketing expert for the moving & storage industry. She led the marketing department at Olympia Moving & Storage for nearly a decade, where she worked with the team to quadruple the size of the company. In 2020 she departed Olympia to launch her own marketing agency, Next Destination Marketing, and now uses her extensive experience to help small businesses grow. Rachael is a recipient of the AMSA Young Professional Model of Excellence award, speaker, and content creator. Rachael is also a digital nomad, enabling her to travel fulltime and dedicate equal time to work and exploration.


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