ATA Webinar - Vehicle-Mileage Taxes (VMT) - A Good Choice for Highway Finance?

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Webinar Description: 

Far too often in the media there will be statements to the effect that the fuel tax isn't bringing in enough revenue to fix the roads, or that the tax itself will soon be "obsolete" and the way to go is a Vehicle-Mileage Tax or VMT. The trucking industry knows all about VMT's, under the name of weight-distance taxes, and the negative effects they have on motor carriers. 


Join this webinar to:

  • Learn why a VMT is likely to be a poor choice for highway finance
  • How pro-VMT arguments can best be countered
  • Why there is plenty of life - and revenue - in the fuel tax yet

Our presenter, Bob Pitcher, will also explain how these issues will probably loom larger still as Congress enacts an infrastructure bill possibly later this year.


About the Presenter:

Robert C. Pitcher, Vice President, State Laws, American Trucking Associations

Bob Pitcher has worked for the American Trucking Associations for nearly thirty years, involved for the most part in tax policy at both the state and federal levels. He staffs both the ATA Tax Policy Committee and has staffed the ATA Insurance Task Force since 2003. Bob is admitted to the bar in Illinois and the District of Columbia, and as a corporate counsel in Virginia.


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