Press Release

ATA Commends Congress on Passage of Tax Overhaul

Dec 19, 2017

Arlington, Virginia – The American Trucking Associations today applauded Congress for passing major tax reform legislation, which now heads to the President’s desk to be signed into law.

“America’s economic engine has been ignited,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear.  “President Trump has said that ‘when trucks are moving, America is growing.’  With his signing of this bill into law, there will be more trucks on our roads, making the deliveries fueled by an expanding economy.”

“Winning doesn’t come easy here in Washington and comprehensive tax reform was no exception,” said Spear.  “The President, House and Senate are to be commended for putting the American people first.  This is the first change to our nation’s tax code in over three decades and the most sweeping reforms America has witnessed in over 80 years.  The ATA and its members are proud supporters of this bill and welcome the countless benefits it will bring to the United States economy.”

ATA has been actively engaged on tax reform throughout the legislative process.  In October, members of ATA joined President Trump in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to rally support behind an overhaul. 

“This bill is a win not just for trucking but for our entire economy,” said ATA Chairman Dave Manning, president of TCW, Inc. in Nashville.  “The relief this bill provides will enable companies to invest in their growth, by hiring new employees or purchasing new equipment.  That creates an economic stimulus with positive ripple effects that reach far and wide.”