Active Shooters, Suspicious Packages & Bombs - How Do You Respond at Your Workplace? picture

Active Shooters, Suspicious Packages & Bombs - How Do You Respond at Your Workplace?

May 09, 2018

Active Shooters, Suspicious Packages & Bombs - How Do You Respond at Your Workplace?

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Active Shooters, Suspicious Packages & Bombs: How Do You Respond at Your Workplace?


Webinar Description: 


According to reports from the FBI and New York Police Department (NYPD), Active Shooter incidents have quadrupled in 2013-2016 versus the previous five-years' average. New York City for example gets 100 threats communicated every day on average. Out of those, six result in deployment of NYPD bomb squad, mainly to workplaces. Seventy percent of Active Shooters are in workplaces versus campuses. On average, three people die and more than three are injured in Active Shooter incidents. Active Shooters strike malls, high rises, healthcare facilities, factories as well as campuses. Workplace threats are a real and constant concern for the foreseeable future in America and the appropriate response needed is dramatically different at each site.

This webinar will give attendees insights on how to plan, train and exercise for this growing and foreseeable emergency. The presenter, Bo Mitchell, President & CEO, 911 Consulting, will profile the likely perpetrator, likely motives and then explain how to plan and train employees how to stay safe. With the help of this training session, you will be able to keep your personnel safe from workplace violence, especially Active Shooters.

 Learning Objectives:

1. Understanding the employer's responsibility under the law

2. Learn the best practices when dealing with these threats

3. How to train for an active shooter in the workplace

4. How to prepare for and train employees for a tactical response

5. How should you, as the employer distinguish the hoax from a real threat

6. What are your command, control and communication issues response to these threats

7. Decide which employees to train and how to train them

8. The role of police and fire departments in your planning, training and drills




Bo Mitchell, President & CEO, 911 Consulting


Bo is a retired police commissioner from Wilton, CT and has run a security and emergency preparedness consultancy since 2011.

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