ATA Webinar - Federal Tax Reform - An Analysis of the Proposals for Motor Carriers picture

ATA Webinar - Federal Tax Reform - An Analysis of the Proposals for Motor Carriers

November 30, 2017

ATA Webinar - Federal Tax Reform - An Analysis of the Proposals for Motor Carriers

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Federal Tax Reform - An Analysis of the Proposals for Motor Carriers



This year marks the best opportunity in decades for Congress to reform the unwieldy, complex, and burdensome federal Tax Code. Each House of Congress has its own income tax reform proposal, and while the two bills are different, both are long and detailed, and their provisions could radically change the way individuals and businesses -- including the trucking industry -- are taxed in the future.  ATA is closely following developments in the area, and has strongly urged Congress to enact a significant tax reform package this year.


Join ATA's webinar on November 30 to get ATA's analysis of how the federal tax reform proposals might affect you and your business.  While Congress still has much to do before tax reforms are actually enacted, it's certainly not too soon to understand how the proposed reforms could impact you! The presenter is Bob Pitcher, Vice President, State Laws, ATA, who oversees the development of ATA's tax policy, and who has been following the developments in this area very closely.


Presenter: Bob Pitcher, Vice President, State Laws, American Trucking Associations


Bob Pitcher has worked for the American Trucking Associations for nearly thirty years, involved for the most part in tax policy at both the state and federal levels.  He staffs both the ATA Tax

Policy Committee and ATA's Insurance Task Force.


Bob is admitted to the bar in Illinois and the District of Columbia, and as corporate counsel in Virginia.



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