ATA Webinar - A Regulatory & Legislative Update, Sponsored by U.S. Legal Services picture

ATA Webinar - A Regulatory & Legislative Update, Sponsored by U.S. Legal Services

July 17, 2014

ATA Webinar - A Regulatory & Legislative Update, Sponsored by U.S. Legal Services

Connecting the ATA Advocacy Dots: A Regulatory & Legislative Update, Sponsored by U.S. Legal Services

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Webinar Description:

Join Dave Osiecki, ATA's Executive Vice President of Policy & Chief of National Advocacy, to learn the latest on regulatory and legislative actions affecting your business.

Discussion Topics Include: 

  • An overview of recent ATA advocacy successes
  • The most recent and upcoming federal regulatory actions affecting trucking
  • The timing of the various regulatory initiatives, and ATA’s position on each
  • The latest on Congress’ efforts to suspend the new HOS restart restrictions, patch the Highway Trust Fund, and reauthorize the surface transportation programs

Presenter Info:
David J. Osiecki 
(Dave) is the Executive Vice President of Policy & Chief of National Advocacy at the American Trucking Associations (ATA), based in Arlington, VA. In this capacity, Dave is responsible for overseeing ATA’s policy development and regulatory advocacy on a host of trucking issues, including fuel/energy issues, environmental requirements, labor, safety and security rules, as well as truck size & weight limits. Dave is also responsible for managing a staff of policy and regulatory experts, and is often called on to represent ATA and the trucking industry at government hearings and industry events.

More accurate records can keep drivers on the road.
Beginning August 23, 2014, violations can be removed from the FMCSA's Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) if they are dismissed or result in a not-guilty verdict. Because data from the MCMIS is used in a number of systems — including those at the center of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program and pre-employment screening program (PSP) — this new policy will result in a more accurate driver profile. In turn, a record that includes positive dispositions will help keep drivers on the road and protect carriers' investments.

How U.S. Legal Services can help.
With adjudication results being added to the MCMIS database, the long-term value of a positive outcome to a driver's livelihood is increased. To take advantage of this, drivers who have the protection of our CDL Defender™ have access to quality legal assistance that can help them reach those positive outcomes in the courtroom.

In addition, members of our CDL Defender™ legal insurance plan gain these benefits:


·         U.S. Legal Services pays our network attorneys directly to represent drivers in local court for their citations.

·         Our customer service team guides plan members through the process, reducing the confusion surrounding how to comply.

·         Our customized reports provide motor carrier safety teams with accurate and up-to-date information about their fleet's citations and where they are in the judicial process, including dispositions and MCMIS changes.


Our network attorneys are well-versed in FMCSA regulations and their effects on drivers and carriers. When our network attorney appears in court for a driver and obtains a positive courtroom disposition, either U.S. Legal Services or the carrier can submit an RDR with the required supporting documentation and have more accurate information displayed.


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