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Truckers for Tax Reform


American Trucking Associations strongly advocated for the successful passage and enactment of tax reform legisation.  By lowering the tax rates on business income, broadening the tax base and simplifying the tax code, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is boosting the U.S. economy, spurring business investment and creating good-paying American jobs.  A growing economy means more trucks on the roads to deliver the economy's freight and move America forward.


Returning to the White House

On Thursday, April 12, 2018, member companies of ATA represented the trucking industry at a tax event in the White House Rose Garden. Executives and employees from Werner Enterprises Inc., Crete Carrier Corporation and TCW Inc., were in attendance to share how the tax cuts have enabled the carriers to increase employee compensation, invest in new equipment and expand operations.

TCW was represented by President Dave Manning, chairman of ATA, and driver David Livingston; Werner was represented by President & CEO Derek Leathers and driver Quinton Ward, driver Marvin Fielder, and associate Kathryn Oswald; and Crete was represented by CEO & Chairman Tonn Ostergard, Vice Chair Holly Ostergard, and driver Jeff Tetzloff.



ATA recently hosted President Trump in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and strongly endorsed the tax reform framework that his Administration worked to define with Congress. We are pleased to see this framework now embodied in legislation working its way through Congress, to the benefit of workers, small businesses, and families across the economic spectrum.



American Trucking Associations supports efforts to reform our nation’s tax code, which will boost the U.S. economy, promote business investment and create good-paying American jobs. Given that trucking is taxed at the highest effective rate of all transportation modes, we fully endorse three basic principles of tax reform:

-Trucking is the backbone of our economy, representing one of every 16 American jobs in the private sector and employing more than 7 million American workers, including 3 million drivers with a median annual income of $55,000.

-Trucks collect nearly 80 percent of America’s freight transportation revenue, and serve every community of our nation—80 percent of which depend solely upon trucks to bring food, clothing, and life’s necessities.

-Trucking is predominantly a small business industry, with 97 percent of our companies operating fewer than twenty trucks.