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TSA Enforcing HME Citizenship/Residency Requirements During Screening Application Process

TSA Enforcing Hazardous Materials Endorsement Citizenship/Residency Requirements During Screening Application Process:  TSA is bringing its citizenship requirements in line with FMCSA's rule at 49 CFR 383.71 regarding HME holders.  TSA is enforcing the citizenship/permanent residency and photo ID requirement at Unified Enrollment Service (UES) centers for applicants licensed in the 41 States and District of Columbia that use TSA's contractor’s enrollment provider.  The nine States that submit applicant information to TSA directly are presumably already following FMCSA's guidelines.   Though many drivers have been through the TSA security threat assessment process previously, they may not be aware of this requirement.  The common combination of (1) driver's license and (2) Social Security card or DOT medical card is NOT a valid combination of items that applicants may bring for enrollment.  Also, the name the applicant provides at enrollment must match what is on his or her documents unless there is a court-ordered document that links the different names (e.g., marriage license).  To see the list of acceptable identification and immigration documents please click here.  For more information please contact Martin Rojas at mrojas@trucking.org