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2018 NTDAW Trucking Industry Activities


Presidential Message on National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

President Trump released the following statement about National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: 


During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, our Nation recognizes the approximately 3.5 million hardworking truck drivers who help ensure the safe and efficient flow of goods across our country.


The enterprising and determined men and women who drive trucks are essential to our country’s economy, delivering 11.6 billion tons of freight in 2016, including essential goods like food, medicine, and clothing.  Truck drivers travel from coast to coast to ensure factories have the raw materials they need and store shelves are stocked to meet the demands of our Nation’s booming economy.  America depends on our trucking industry, and it continues to be a major contributor to our country’s workforce and infrastructure.


The American trucking industry and its drivers advance our economy and provide many Americans a path to a good living in service of others.  These men and women work day and night, through the harshest conditions, and endure long periods away from their loved ones to fulfill their task safely and effectively.  In the aftermath of disasters, American truckers deliver life-saving supplies, lend a helping hand to communities in need, and assist in the rebuilding of cities.


Our Nation applauds the dedication of America’s truck drivers, and we thank them for the hard work they do every day.  My Administration remains committed to supporting these men and women by working with Congress to increase investment in America’s infrastructure and by reducing burdensome and unnecessary regulations on the trucking industry.  We must ensure that our country’s truckers can keep fueling our thriving economy.



TRAC Intermodal

Hosted events at their facilities in the following TRAC locations throughout the week: Bayonne and Elizabeth, NJ; Jacksonville, FL; Chicago, IL; Houston, TX; Los Angeles and Oakland, CA; Columbus, OH; and Seattle, WA. TRAC's planned activities include handing out meals, snacks and gifts to all truck drivers who visit these locations.


Florida Trucking Association

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Florida Trucking Association (FTA) is launching a new safety education program with Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), Troopers and Truck Drivers. The initiative has a new FHP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Trooper spend a work day in a truck with an experienced driver, and a newer truck driver spend the day on patrol with an experienced Trooper. This exchange allows trucking companies and law enforcement to better understand one another’s profession and any challenges on the road they may face.



Sonny's Trucking LLC


Sonny's Trucking joined forces with District of Columbia Truckers Association & Gudelsky Materials to National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.  They are giving out Truckers Care Packages with a card attached to a picture of a shareable from #TruckingMovesAmericaForward that says 'Thank YOU for helping the Trucking Industry move America forward."  The package consists of a bottle of water, snack (chips), chocolate, writing pen, notepad, word search & crossword about mechanics, and an I love trucks button. 


Washington Trucking Association


The WTA’s Safety Management Council hosted a fully sponsored truck driver appreciation week activity and ran a PSA that was donated by a local radio station to raise awareness for the event.  WTA served breakfast and lunch to truck drivers on Tuesday, September 11th at the I-5 northbound Scatter Creek rest area, just north of Centralia. 


Trucking Moves America Forward


TMAF is recognizing our nation's 3.5 million dedicated truck drivers through many communications channels this year. Billboard advertisements will appear along interstates throughout the country to thank truck drivers while educating motorists. The billboards, which feature actual award-winning truck drivers from different states, depict the critical need for truck drivers in America, and how life's essentials, such as food, gas or medicine would not be possible without truck drivers making those deliveries.


The billboards will appear on highways in Baltimore, Md.; Las Vegas, Nev.; Reno, Nev.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Des Moines, Iowa; Conway, Ark.; Little Rock, Ark.; Charlotte, N.C.; Dallas, Texas; Nashville, Tenn.; Dayton, Ohio and Buffalo, N.Y. One of the billboards, which appears in Nevada, is shown below.



As part of the advertising campaign, TMAF will also thank drivers over the radio airwaves, including on iHeartRadio, Road Dog Trucking Radio on Sirius XM and Westwood One's Red Eye Radio. You can listen to the radio spots at the TMAF website.




Wendy's published a very nice blog post about National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, thanking truck drivers for helping move fresh goods along the supply chain. "Without truck drivers, there’s nothing to sell on the menu. Nothing to promote. No Wendy’s." They also included ATA's Share the Road program's Instructional Video, which offers safety tips to the general motoring public. Access The Square Deal blog post here.


"Whether you work in the restaurant industry or just out on the highway driving home from work, do it “Dave’s Way” and treat truck drivers with the respect they deserve."



Comedian Josh Pray


Comedian Josh Pray takes a moment to thank the backbone of life, THE TRUCK DRIVER, with his video called "Dear Truck Drivers, Thank you." The video already has more than half a million views!





Jet Express Inc. 



Media Coverage of NTDAW


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Volvo Trucks

The Movers




ATA's Share the Road Program




America's Road Team




Nevada Trucking Association 


NTA PODCAST: Paul Enos - Scott Bunn Interview


Scott is a Master Truck Driver and Past Nevada Driver of the Year who also frequently participates in our Nevada State Truck Driving Championships.


Scott was unable to compete this year because of what he thought was a back injury that occurred while getting out of this truck during a snowstorm.


Hear Scott's story about his journey back to health and hopefully back in the cab of his truck. 



The Nevada Trucking Association celebrates Scott’s contributions

to the industry, with best wishes for his journey back to good health.







Contact: Drew Mitrisin

September 10, 2018



National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Celebrations Begin throughout US

ATA Recognizes Important Contributions of Nation’s Professional Truck Drivers


Arlington, Virginia – This week, American Trucking Associations and the entire trucking industry are recognizing the 3.5 million truck drivers who safely and professionally deliver America’s critical goods to communities from coast to coast.


“Truck drivers are an integral part of the nation’s growing economy and deserve to be celebrated by their companies, customers, neighbors, families and friends,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “Everything that we consume – groceries, school supplies, clothes, medicine – gets delivered by a truck driver whether it’s to your front door, your local market, or your workplace. These drivers improve our quality of life by dedicating themselves to safety and making every effort to deliver the things we need efficiently, professionally and responsibly.”


National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 9-15, is an opportunity for the trucking industry and the business community to make special efforts to recognize professional truck drivers. Thousands of trucking companies, manufacturers, producers, and industry suppliers are acknowledging the contributions of truck drivers this week by hosting cook outs, doing giveaways, honoring safety achievements, announcing new incentive programs, and inviting friends and family to participate in the festivities.


More than 80% of U.S. communities rely exclusively on truck drivers to deliver their goods and commodities, including the most remote towns and territories that are unreachable by other modes of transportation. Truck drivers operate in many different business models and environments – local pickup and delivery drivers, over-the-road drivers, linehaul operations and team drivers – but the industry is celebrating the dedication of all truck drivers this National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.


America’s Road Team Captains and Share the Road professional truck drivers will take to the airwaves September 10 for live satellite broadcasts from the Columbus, Ohio terminal of YRC Freight. During the broadcast these truck drivers will emphasize their passion for trucking, the benefits of a truck driving career, the safety record of the trucking industry, and the availability of thousands of truck driving jobs due to the truck driver shortage.


As someone who’s been in the trucking industry for his whole career, I have come to know many great drivers and want to emphasize that these men and women move more than 10 billion tons of freight each year and make our 7.5 million trucking industry jobs possible,” said ATA Chairman Dave Manning, president of TCW Inc. Because of their attention to detail and passion for safety, we can trust truck drivers to operate large vehicles, move our precious goods, and make good decisions while out on the road.”   


Each year, ATA asks the trucking industry to engage their local communities in this week’s celebration of truck drivers. As such, ATA puts together an NTDAW toolkit for trucking companies and industry affiliates to use in their efforts to celebrate truck drivers. Public officials, community groups, members of the media and local businesses can also play a role in honoring truck drivers by seeking out opportunities to better understand the important work truck drivers do in safely moving the economy each day. ATA and the larger trucking industry believe highway safety is dramatically improved when the motoring public acknowledges the difficulties of driving a truck and the limitations of large commercial vehicles.


Trucking Moves America Forward is partnering with state trucking associations to honor truck drivers through a nationwide billboard campaign. Billboards will appear in Baltimore, Md.; Las Vegas, Nev.; Reno, Nev.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Des Moines, Iowa; Conway, Ark.; Little Rock, Ark.; Charlotte, N.C.; Dallas, Texas; Nashville, Tenn.; Dayton, Ohio and Buffalo, N.Y.


ACT 1 is a premier sponsor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.



American Trucking Associations is the largest national trade association for the trucking industry. Through a federation of 50 affiliated state trucking associations and industry-related conferences and councils, ATA is the voice of the industry America depends on most to move our nation’s freight. Follow ATA on Twitter or on FacebookTrucking Moves America Forward.