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American Trucking Associations Partners with Big Truck TV to Distribute Video on Web

American Trucking Associations Partners with Big Truck TV to Distribute Video on Web


Clayton Boyce

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ARLINGTON, Va. - The American Trucking Associations announced today the launch of an online video channel for communicating the trucking industry’s critical issues to members, legislators, regulators and the public.


To accomplish its objectives the ATA has chosen BTTV as its production, technology and distribution partner.  BTTV is the leading provider of video services in the trucking industry and has the industry’s only library of extensive case based video content available on its web site www.bigtrucktv.com.  The BTTV video library includes exclusive case studies from some of the most successful companies in America.  In each of these case studies BTTV examines a critical issue facing the company, how they resolved this issue and how it impacted their bottom-line.  In addition to its library of video content BTTV has an extensive question and answer database where users of the site can submit questions to industry experts. 


By partnering with BTTV the ATA will build out the industry’s only distributed video network by offering embedded video player widgets to hundreds of trucking industry website owners, including state trucking associations, ATA-affiliated councils and conferences, and ATA association member companies.  Combining this distribution with BTTV’s existing site and network, the ATA will be capable of reaching more people online than any other single media source in the industry.


The ATA has launched its own channel on BTTV to distribute a regular series of video updates and press releases articulating the industry’s position on numerous critical issues.  The BTTV viewer residing on two of ATA’s web sites (www.truckline.com and www.trucksdeliver.org) allows users to view ATA videos and the ATA channel and to connect to the BTTV site.


The initial rollout of the video network commenced on May 8th, 2008, with the public launch of the ATA channel on BTTV and the availability of the BTTV video player on ATA affiliated organization and member company web sites.


About ATA

The American Trucking Associations is the national trade and safety organization of the United States trucking industry.  Through its conferences, councils, 50 affiliated state trucking associations and other organizations, ATA represents more than 37,000 members covering every type of motor carrier in the United States. ATA-affiliated councils, conferences and associations include Safety & Loss Prevention Management Council; Security Council; National Accounting and Finance Council; Technology and Maintenance Council; Information Technology and Logistics Council; Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference, Intermodal Motor Carriers Conference, Automobile Carriers Conference; Truckload Carriers Association; and Distribution and LTL Carriers Association.


About Big Truck TV

Big Truck TV Inc. is the only video based online media company serving the North American trucking industry.  BTTV provides fleet executives and managers with timely insight into the industry, its challenges, advances and successes.  Its unique content is divided into nine core channels including: Technology, Human Resources, Maintenance, Safety & Regulation, Operations, the Environment, Industry News, Expert Interviews, and Trade Show Updates. Big Truck TV’s extensive market reach through its distributed video network provides advertisers with unprecedented access to industry decision makers at fleets of all sizes through out North America.  The Big Truck TV online marketing and communication platform provides advertisers with the tools to reach and engage their target audience on Big Truck TV and beyond.  Big Truck TV is working with some of the industry’s largest suppliers to create unique market programs that leverage video to differentiate themselves and directly engage prospective customers through a truly accountable medium.