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AIAG Letter

Date: September 9, 2009


To: All Auto Manufacturers and Logistics Service Providers


From: AIAG Logistics Damage Codes Work Group


Subject: Global Standardization of Automotive Damage Codes (AIAG M-14 Revision)


In an effort to simplify, standardize and ultimately drive cost out of the finished vehicle

supply chain, the Automotive Industry Action Group along with the European Car Transport

Group (ECG) launched an initiative to develop a global set of 5 digit damage codes. The

codes have existed in the US since the 1970’s are used to identify damage area, damage type

and severity of exceptions when possession of vehicles is transferred between parties. With

input from manufacturers, railroads, trucking companies and other stakeholders, operating in

the US and Europe, minor changes to these codes were made. These changes are meant to

facilitate the vehicle inspection, claims handling and damage prevention processes on a

global basis as well as update the codes so they better apply to today’s models and parts

options. For the first time, inspections of vehicles around the world will routinely use the

same coding standard.


It was agreed that the AIAG will act as the central organization for future changes and

distribution of details with regard to damage codes. Future changes must go through the

AIAG. Change proposals and other requests from Europe can equally be sent to ECG by e-

mail (info@eurocartrans.org) or ordinary mail (ECG, Bld. A. Reyers 80, 1030 Brussels,



Note that each manufacturer is responsible to complete any internal system changes, and

advise all associated carriers, logistics service providers, and dealers of these changes.


It is important that each manufacturer distribute this information immediately. Carriers and

dealers may be required to perform minor internal changes to adjust to the new codes.


This letter is intended to solicit your support and ensure a smooth transition to the revised

codes. These codes will allow for better damage description, faster claims adjudication and

more effective damage prevention. We ask that you take the action necessary to make these

changes by the January 1, 2010 deadline, as agreed to by all involved parties, so we can all

enjoy the benefit of operating more efficiently.


The damage code cards are available through AIAG www.aiag.org .

Cost for cards: Pack of 50 laminated cards is $29


Please contact AIAG Customer Service at (248) 358-3003 to order your damage code