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Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS)
Vehicle Maintenance Report Standards (VMRS)

Since 1970,  the purpose of VMRS has been to provide a vital communication link between maintenance personnel, computers, and management.  It establishes a “universal” language for fleets, original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs), industry suppliers, computers, and those people whose responsibility it is to specify, purchase, operate, and maintain equipment.

Developed by and for equipment users under the auspices of American Trucking Associations, VMRS provides the discipline necessary for different industry segments to communicate with each other.  VMRS is the shorthand of maintenance reporting, eliminating the need for extensive written communications with all the inherent problems of miscommunication normally associated with the written word.

To meet the ever-changing needs of the equipment industry, the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) of American Trucking Associations serves as the official custodian of VMRS. TMC provides OEMs, manufacturers, part suppliers, and equipment users with updated codes on an “as needed” basis reflective of current equipment design and the informational needs of the VMRS user.

A Structured Coding System

VMRS is a structured coding system, providing the discipline necessary to operate in today’s computer-based information age or — where desired — as a completely manual system.  Simple in concept, VMRS can be used at any level, from total operating systems down to the individual part level.  The level of coding used is entirely up to the user.  One can select the level of reporting detail at any time without the need to redesign the coding structure or implement costly new programs.  No matter which level the user selects, the data collected can be compared directly to data collected by others at the same or higher VMRS coding level.

The coding structure encompasses most equipment found within today’s transportation activities including trucks, tractors, trailers, forklifts, shop equipment, off-road vehicles, utility vehicles, etc.

Recognized Internationally
Today, equipment users worldwide use VMRS to capture and report their equipment maintenance activities.  Equipment manufacturers and maintenance software suppliers use VMRS coding for parts, thus providing additional impetus for fleets to adopt this universal coding scheme.

A complete service industry has grown up around VMRS, with a number of firms offering VMRS computerized reporting systems and/or services to fleets.

VMRS Tip Columns

Here are some useful tips about implementing and using VMRS:

VMRS Tip Number 1

VMRS Tip Number 2

VMRS Tip Number 3


ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) has launched a new blog for users of ATA's Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards. Written by TMC VMRS Services Manager Jack Poster, the blog will offer readers insights on how to best make use of the industry standard for equipment cost reporting.

To access the blog, log on to TMC Connect, http://tmcconnect.trucking.org Look for the VMRS Codes Committee under COMMUNITIES; TMC Task Forces or keyword search "VMRS" in the COMMUNITY Search box. Members have access to TMC Connect, the council's collaborative work and social networking platform by virtue of their TMC membership.

For more information, contact Jack Poster at (703) 838-7928; jposter@trucking.org.:

For more information on the Certified VMRS Specialist Program:

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For more information on VMRS or to request a new VMRS code:

Contact VMRS Services Manager Jack Poster at (703) 838-7928; email: jposter@trucking.org

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