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Overview & ATA's Position

The work of the ATA Insurance Task Force (ITF) directly addresses this issue. The ITF was created to assist motor carriers to find affordable insurance and chose tort reform as a means of attacking the underlying cause of high insurance rates: outrageous and unfair verdicts caused by a deeply flawed judicial system. The ITF focuses its efforts on those reforms most important to the trucking industry (e.g., elimination of joint and several liability, caps on punitive damages, the recognition of collateral sources, the admissibility of non-use of seat belts), and anti-indemnification provision in state statutes. The ITF works closely with state trucking associations to ensure that trucking industry interests are included in state tort reform efforts.

Significant successes have been achieved in many states where the ITF, through the state trucking association, has taken an active role. The ITF has become a major financial contributor to tort reform through state trucking associations and through national reform coalitions and groups, including the American Tort Reform Association and the Institute for Legal Reform. Most notably, starting from only eight states a few years ago, state trucking associations, funded in many instances by the ITF, have now obtained motor carrier anti-indemnification laws in 46 of the states.​

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